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How Going the Extra Mile Helped One Footprints Floors Franchisee Earn the Trust of Customers and Grow His Business During a Pandemic

Kyle Battles of Chicago persevered during the pandemic by writing to local businesses and posting flyers in his neighborhood.

According to Chicago-based Footprints Floors owner Kyle Battles, his entrance into the world of floor installation was an interesting one.

After opening his own location of the Colorado-based flooring brand in September 2019, Battles’ business slowed down quite a bit during the holidays. Then, just as business began to return to normal, the COVID-19 crisis resulted in a sharp decline in business for Battles and his team. Now, after a few months of perseverance and creative problem-solving, Battles has seen a significant increase in sales and is proud to dominate the Chicago flooring-installation market. Battles and his team specialize in installing hardwood, tile, backsplashes and laminate to residential customers  

“No one wanted me in their house for a while, but people started to realize this wasn’t something that was going to go away anytime soon.” said Battles. “For the past several months, people have been at home staring at issues they wouldn’t normally find, and now they’re calling us. Over the last few months business has been more consistent, and last month was our biggest month yet.” 

But it wasn’t just the increase in demand in flooring needs that drove business, it was the hard work and dedication to Footprints Floors that helped him reach new customers and earn their trust during such an uncertain time. 

“I printed out flyers and hung them up, and I wrote letters to local businesses just because leads were so few and far between for a bit,” said Battles. “It was hard — it was a ghost town. But, that hard work and these sort of grassroots efforts helped people feel like they could trust me once they were more comfortable, and now I’m booking two to three new jobs a week.”

As Americans continue to work from home and spend much of their free time there as well, the demand for home services has remained steady. Battles says he has a number of jobs booked and has no intentions of slowing down for now. But, with slower months around the corner, Battles has a plan to make the most his extra time and prepare for business next year.

“Busy is good, but the slower months around the holidays last year taught me a lot,” said Battles. I learned to take advantage of that time to organize my business and expand my knowledge base on different subjects. I didn’t know anything about flooring when I started, and now I have a better understanding of the processes and what’s important to customers. I try to keep improving and avoid staying stagnant.” 

Looking ahead, Battles says he’ll likely seek to open a second Footprints Floors location in the Windy City eventually, but for now his full focus is on growing his current business and finding the best team for continued optimal success. 

Bryan Park, CEO of Footprints Floors, says it’s franchisees like Battles that make the brand as successful as is it. He’s confident that the brand will attract more franchisees who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and putting in a little bit of extra effort to continue to grow Footprints Floors beyond its 50-plus locations. 

“It’s partners like Kyle that really make this business what it is,” said Park. “He came in with little knowledge of the flooring world, really got to know the business during one of the toughest times we’ve had in a while and came out on top. It’s perseverance like his that we look for when we think about growing Footprints Floors.”

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