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How HomeTeam Inspection Service Franchisees Maintain a Competitive Edge

As its Kentucky and Indiana owner grows, the home inspection franchise is celebrating its key differentiators: a team approach, integrated technology and consistent communication.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 09/15/23

With over 200 active territories nationwide, HomeTeam Inspection Service, the home inspection franchise that utilizes a unique, team-based approach to provide more thorough inspections and quicker booking, has built an in-demand business model and continues to expand. Brad Lawler, the owner of three territories across Southern Indiana and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, is a prime example of how the model itself can be leveraged by an enthusiastic owner to build a powerful business that truly serves the community.

“What has happened over the span of our ownership is that we have maintained a very consistent inspection quality,” explained Lawler. “It didn’t matter to us when the real estate market got hot and home inspectors were pushed to the sidelines. None of our processes changed, and the real estate agents that we work with every day appreciate the fact that we’ve been very, very consistent throughout our growth.”

As Lawler has grown, he has brought on new team members, but he maintains consistent training and development processes to ensure that, no matter who the inspection team is, they are delivering the quality expected of a HomeTeam Inspection Service team. 

This key practice has allowed HomeTeam of Kentucky and Indiana to continue to grow in a way that addresses a wider range of clients without sacrificing quality. As such, Lawler has exponentially increased revenues and reinvests in the business, only driving growth further.

Lawler’s Sentiment Surrounding Business Reveals the Differentiator for HomeTeam Owners

“We’ve been able to expand the business into new geographies because we’ve remained the top-performing HomeTeam franchise in the country for eight years now,” added Lawler. “I’m proud of that title, but I know plenty of fellow franchise owners would love to take that away from me — and that’s okay. We just want to make sure that we’re delivering the very best service that we can every day.”

Lawler has completed over 20,000 inspections since 2009, and it is this ideology that has allowed him to grow so healthily. The same rings true for other owners in the HomeTeam franchise system. Celebrating internal successes is always important, and it is nice to be recognized for successes, but HomeTeam owners are able to grow so well both individually and as an overarching system because of how HomeTeam owners and their inspectors approach the work. 

The priority is always to build relationships, execute a great inspection and provide the prospective homebuyer the information they need to make an educated decision about their potential purchase. While HomeTeam works to partner with franchisees who share a similar ideology, there are facts of the franchise model that provide additional differentiators.

HomeTeam Inspection Service Leverages Technology for an Even Smoother Client Experience

With online booking platforms and digital home inspection reporting, local owners receive additional support from the franchisor in providing quick, clear and easy-to-access communications.

“The franchisor delivers a lot of updated products, and we are often one of the first teams to help test out a lot of those new programs,” added Lawler. “We love getting our real estate agent partners trained up on how to use the HomeTeam tools even more effectively in their business, so that has been a big part of the training.”

Because he is seeing many newer real estate agents in the space recently, Lawler said he is placing even more emphasis on leveraging the tools HomeTeam provides to support both agents and their clients in efficiently booking an inspection, navigating the inspection day and understanding the inspection report.

“Some newer real estate agents don’t know that much about the home inspection process, and a lot of home buyers aren’t taught or told why a home inspection is important,” added Lawler. “When we step in as a neutral third party providing a professional opinion, we have to make sure we are non-alarmist and provide a concise, digestible report. We want to be patient, have great communications throughout the entire process and make sure the homebuyers are getting all of their questions answered.”

The “finishing touch,” so to say, in addition to territory-level training and franchisor-provided technology and systems is the team model, said Lawler. With a team of two inspectors on a standard property and up to 10 inspectors on an extremely large property, Lawler is able to inspect homes as large as 12,000 square-foot quickly and efficiently. This allows him and his team to be top performers in the luxury market, catering to prospective buyers of “mega-properties.” The team carries this same dedication to smaller properties and first-time buyers, too. Even in a 1,000 square-foot home, Lawler ensures multiple inspectors are present to do the job as thoroughly as possible.

“For us, it’s really about being able to work with all kinds of clients and taking the inspection just as seriously regardless of what kind of property it is,” he said. “We bring a careful approach to the inspection and make sure all questions are answered and everyone feels good about the process. Our goal is to provide the information necessary to get all parties to the closing table with a complete understanding of the deal they are finalizing. When people know that they have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring they have that information, they’re a lot more confident; it’s our ability to provide this assurance that has allowed us to grow so well over time.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of Brad’s ongoing success and willingness to embrace the heart of the HomeTeam model. We are thrilled to have him as a valued partner,” said HomeTeam President Adam Long. “He and his team epitomize the great results that can be achieved when the HomeTeam model and resources are leveraged alongside a drive to support real estate agents and their clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.”

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