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How This Construction VP-Turned-Franchisee Found a Motivating Network of Entrepreneurs With Lawn Doctor

After decades in the commercial construction industry left Tommy Campbell feeling burnt out, his career took a detour that landed him an opportunity to do the things he enjoys.

Tommy Campbell’s career took a detour at a later stage in life than most entrepreneurs. Campbell spent decades in the commercial construction industry, where he served as the vice president of several major construction companies. And while he enjoyed the work, Campbell says that through all the red tape and endless obstacles, he was looking for a way out.

“I was burnt out,” said Campbell. “I was ready to find an exit strategy, one that allowed me to maintain financial wellbeing without feeling so burnt out.”

That’s when he encountered Sara Waskow, a franchise owner and business consultant. The duo connected on LinkedIn when Waskow asked Campbell if he would be interested in becoming a franchisee. 

“We had a series of conversations over a period of six to nine months, and then we went through some personality-type tests and she presented me with some options in the franchise world,” said Campbell.

Campbell said he’d always associated franchising with restaurants, but Waskow opened up an entirely new perspective of franchising and entrepreneurship for him. 

When it came to choosing a franchise, Campbell went with Lawn Doctor. When asked why he chose to go into owning a lawn care business, Campbell said that he was motivated by his love of being outdoors and working outside.

“I love the outdoors,” he said. “I had some experience in the commercial industry that I previously worked in, and every project had some sort of landscaping and irrigation, so I was already informed on how to take care of lawns.”

For Campbell, opening a Lawn Doctor location was a natural fit. He decided to combine his love for the outdoors with his prior knowledge of lawn care and let it all fall into place.

When he knew that Lawn Doctor was the way to go, Campbell and his wife Kim attended Discovery Day, where they met the team behind it all. And, as many franchisees say, it felt like they were meeting people they already knew. “Meeting with corporate leadership felt comfortable,” said Campbell. “They were onboard with us and we thought they had a great business model.” 

A Network of Caring Entrepreneurs

Campbell said his experience as a Lawn Doctor franchisee has been positive, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“Lawn Doctor has great policies and procedures to help guide you and keep you out of the ditch and on the road,” he said.

There are also other Lawn Doctor franchises in the region, and Campbell said he appreciates the support franchisees provide each other throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

“We connect with each other on a weekly basis,” said Campbell. “We have a group chat going on to share information and ask questions. There’s never anything that someone with our organization hasn’t come across already.”

Even as a newcomer to the group, Campbell has been able to answer questions for other franchisees who have come across something they haven’t dealt with before.

“I can answer questions for people who have been doing this for years,” said Campbell. “It’s really great.”

In addition to the regional support that Campbell has with his fellow Lawn Doctor franchisees, he said that he also enjoys the help he receives from corporate. “They help with all the marketing that we do,” he said.

He also works with mentors who allow him to bounce ideas off of them, while also checking in to make sure everything is going ok. “We talk about business planning and focusing on growth, making sure we’re doing the right things to help us get to where we want to be,” said Campbell.

Never Looking Back

When Campbell made his exit from the commercial construction industry, he didn’t want to be a “stay at home” type of guy. Thankfully, he said, he found Lawn Doctor, a train that he hopes to ride on for a while. 

“I enjoy doing this work and meeting new folks,” he said. 

Since he opened his Lawn Doctor business, Campbell said he hasn’t looked back. 

“When you’re in my shoes, as a potential franchise buyer, there’s always the question of ‘what if?’” he said. “But I would tell somebody, if you have more pros than cons, then you need to knuckle up, take the chance and go for it. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.”

Campbell said he was intimately involved in his day-to-day operation before he began bringing on others, delegating responsibilities and adding to his growing team. Now he’s excited about the future growth and potential that’s in front of him.

“I haven’t looked back and have enjoyed every minute of it,” he said. 

The sentiment from Lawn Doctor toward Campbell is mutual.

"The strength of our system comes down to the success of our franchisees, which is why we're proud to work alongside owners like Tommy,” said Eric Martin, Vice President of Franchise Development for Lawn Doctor's parent brand, Happinest. “As we head into the new year, we're looking forward to continuing to help him grow as a business owner and work alongside new franchisees who are eager to tap into the rising demand for home services like lawn care."

The startup costs for a Lawn Doctor franchise range from $102,015 to $127,065. The franchise fee ranges between $88,950 and $102,000. To learn more about franchising with Lawn Doctor, visit

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