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Lawn Doctor Franchise Taking Josh and Katelyn Scott Across the Florida-Georgia Line

The husband-and-wife team will open a Panama City, Florida franchise in the spring of 2020.

Georgia natives and husband-and-wife team Josh and Katelyn Scott are taking their passion for Lawn Doctor down to the Florida Panhandle—and it all started, in part, thanks to a Facebook post. 

Josh had decided to go back to school after fulfilling a five-year contract with the Marines, and he would need a job while he studied business at Columbus State University in Georgia. 

Fortunately, a friend of his shared a Facebook ad for a job at the local Lawn Doctor right there in Columbus. Josh responded and joined that franchise as a technician. He soon fell in love with the brand and appreciated the mentorship provided by Lawn Doctor franchisee Kehn Dickerson

“From the start, I saw lawns that were not very aesthetically pleasing,” Josh said. “I got to see the process to make them beautiful and fell in love with the idea of doing it full time.” 

Katelyn was already familiar with the brand thanks to her dad. 

“My dad has had Lawn Doctor coming out and doing services for his yard for probably five to six years now,” she said. “I’ve seen my parents’ yard transform. Everyone who passes by their house compliments their yard. I just really like what the brand does. It’s a cool business to me.”

What helped seal the deal for the Scotts was Discovery Day. They enjoyed meeting brand executives and learning about Lawn Doctor and felt the brand was in line with what they wanted in a business opportunity. 

“Just meeting everybody kind of really set it in stone for us,” Josh said. “The brand’s culture is something we want to be part of.” 

Franchising with Lawn Doctor also fits in with more long-term goals the couple had. 

“We’ve always wanted to have our own business,” Josh said. “With help from Katelyn’s Mom and Dad, we purchased the franchise.” 

The Scotts’ Panama City, Florida franchise will open in mid-February. As part of their new venture, the Scotts will move from Georgia to Panama City with their 4-year-old son, Reid. 

Lawn Doctor was founded in 1967, and the brand has since grown to more than 550 locations. The brand signed more than 40 new units in 2018 and expects to hit the 600-unit mark by the end of 2019. The benefits of franchising with Lawn Doctor include a systemic business that provides recurring revenue year-after-year, a brand with name recognition, superior technology and the ability to work outdoors. 

The Scotts’ Panama City location will be the brand’s second on the Florida Panhandle. The brand already has a presence in major markets in Florida, including Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville. 

The Scott family’s experiences will serve them well in their new venture. Josh has hands-on brand experience, for one, and Katelyn works in customer service for Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

“It ties in with Lawn Doctor, which involves working with a lot of customers,” she said. 

The Scotts are open to expanding with the brand and even passing the business down to their children, but first, they want to focus on their Panama City franchise. They are already very familiar with the Panama City market and are excited to bring Lawn Doctor to the area. 

“We’ve always enjoyed going there for vacation,” Katelyn said. “It’s the ultimate place. Who wouldn’t want to live on the beach? We plan on getting involved with the local Chamber of Commerce to meet new people and connect with other businesses. Also, with our son going to elementary school, there will be events we can sponsor and use to get our name out there.” 

With a genuine passion for the brand and supportive company culture, not to mention a love for their market, the Scott family is clearly poised for major Lawn Doctor success. 

The startup costs for a Lawn Doctor franchise range from $100,015 to $116,065. The franchise fee ranges from $88,950 to $102,000. To learn more about franchising with Lawn Doctor, visit

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