Lawn Doctor’s Incredible Staying Power
Lawn Doctor’s Incredible Staying Power

The lawn care company has ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List every single year since its inception 40 years ago.

Since Entrepreneur Magazine began its “Franchise 500” rankings 40 years ago, only six brands have managed to be featured in at least 38 of those lists, according to an article in Entrepreneur. In order to understand just what gives these brands such staying power, Entrepreneur dug into each, noting that Lawn Doctor successfully identified “a consumer problem that never goes away”—that is, the continued need for lawn care. In addition to the stable business model created by recurring demand, Lawn Doctor differentiates itself from the competition by developing innovative lawn treatment machinery that covers more surface area than alternative methods.

“The equipment is ground-calibrated so that, no matter how fast or slow you go, you get the right amount of fertilizer over the right amount of surface area every time,” explained Lawn Doctor franchisee Scott Tarkenton of Abilene, Texas. The proprietary equipment means consistent application and maximum efficiency so technicians can treat a greater number of lawns and customers can expect superior results.

Finally, Lawn Doctor utilizes a proven training system, franchisee support from an on-call agronomist and a ramp team built to support new franchisees as they get their business off the ground.

“It’s the full constellation, from business model to equipment to support, that distinguishes us in our industry and sets our franchisees up for success,” said Jay Markowitz, Lawn Doctor’s National Field Marketing Manager. “Lawn Doctor’s continued inclusion on the Franchise 500 List shows that our program really works for our franchisees and our customers.”

Lawn Doctor’s VP of Operations, Dave Newman, built on Markowitz’s point by underscoring the critical role that innovation plays in Lawn Doctor’s business.

“Our equipment is part of Lawn Doctor’s intellectual property, meaning that Lawn Doctor franchisees are uniquely able to offer customers the most up-to-date, efficient treatment services,” Newman said. “We have our own manufacturing plant and employ an engineering team, so we’re constantly innovating.”

Lawn Doctor franchisee Gale Wessling of St. Louis said he and his wife, Ann, knew that they’d found something with staying power after recently completing a Lawn Doctor training class.

“They’ve given us the tools and skills we need,” Wessling said. “You’re buying a program that works. Follow the program. Let the program work for you.”

Looks like Entrepreneur would agree.