Lawn Doctor's Services Are A Cut Above The Rest
Lawn Doctor's Services Are A Cut Above The Rest

Backed by proprietary equipment and strong customer guarantee, Lawn Doctor boasts the highest retention rate in the industry.

Few companies can boast the high customer retention rate that Lawn Doctor can. Hovering around 80 percent, it’s a number that’s among the highest in the lawn care industry—and it’s proof that when it comes to guaranteeing a lush, green lawn free of weeds and pests, Lawn Doctor is the most trusted brand in the business.

Backed by 50 years of experience and 525 franchises in more than 40 states, the single biggest difference between Lawn Doctor and other lawn care providers boils down to one simple premise: the brand’s franchisees care more. And as more than three-quarters of all homeowners decide to leave the do-it-yourself mindset behind and turn to the pros to get the job done, Lawn Doctor’s promise has helped to brand climb to the top of the industry.

“Every Lawn Doctor location is locally-owned, meaning there’s no big business ‘run-around.’ Each of our franchise owners is right there with the customer, making sure everything goes right. That sentiment—and our goodwill—cascades across all of our franchisees and employees. That ultimately drives high retention rates, referrals and a second-to-none reputation,” said Chris McGreary, the chief marketing officer for Lawn Doctor. “The secret recipe to success ultimately comes down to making sure that we’re committed to doing everything right for our customer—we want them to be happy. That’s what really affects your bottom line, and we think we’ve nailed down that priority.”

Lawn Doctor’s customer-first mentality can be seen in the high-level expertise they offer to every lawn they service. Each Lawn Doctor franchise has geo-specific agronomy programs, which allows them to custom-tailor their offerings based on a lawn’s specific needs. This means that every lawn expert will analyze all aspects of the type of grass covering the property to make the right decision on how to proceed. This ensures that the customer gets the best results possible, rather than being provided a less-effective one-size-fits-all approach.

“What really appealed to me was Lawn Doctor’s approach to agronomy and the environmental side, which they were doing long before it was in vogue. They take the time to get to know a customer’s specific needs, and they’re straightforward about the time and treatments necessary to get a lawn looking healthy and green again,” said Mark Williams, a Lawn Doctor franchisee in Clarksville, Tennessee since 1994. “Lawn Doctors is 100 percent committed to the customer.”

Having proprietary products doesn’t hurt either. When McGreary first joined the Lawn Doctor corporate team, he visited the brand’s very own manufacturing facility in New Jersey. He saw firsthand how the equipment is engineered specifically for Lawn Doctor. From lawn fertilization, seeding and aeration to outdoor pest control, he believes that no other brand has access to such top-level equipment that’s 50 years in the making.

McGreary believes that Lawn Doctor’s integrity also helps the brand stand out. Lawn Doctor has the highest TrustPilot score in the entire industry—and that’s because every single one of their franchisees does exactly what they say they’re going to do.

“We have the advantage of being around longer than any other competitor. We have the best guarantee in the business—if our customer isn’t 100 percent satisfied, we’ll make it right. We’re willing to make that guarantee because we know we can get it right from the very beginning,” McGreary said. “Everyone in the Lawn Doctor system holds themselves to an incredibly high standard. We’re the real deal.”

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