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Why Joe Ramirez of Lawn Doctor Joined the Brand After Working with a Competing Lawn Care Franchise

The new franchisee joined Lawn Doctor after spending 13 years with another lawn and landscape maintenance franchise because of the brand’s impressive marketing plan.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 11:11AM 05/13/20

Franchisee Joe Ramirez is no stranger to the lawn care game. In fact, he has 13 years of experience under his belt coming off of franchising with a lawn care and landscape maintenance company that worked primarily with commercial clients. In October 2019, he signed on with Lawn Doctor, and after completing training in November has been gearing up for what he hopes is a busy and fruitful spring season. 

Ramirez’s Lawn Doctor franchise will be operating in the Tampa Bay area. He was born nearby in Bartow, Florida and earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Saint Leo University in Tampa. While earning his degree, Ramirez was working for a money transfer service, but after graduation he went on to be a district manager for a food distribution company.

“I wasn’t happy with all of the traveling that I had to do, and I just wanted to open a business of my own,” said Ramirez. “I wasn’t necessarily looking for something in this industry, but when I signed on with the franchise everything just looked right. After doing some research I joined that company in 2006, opening one territory in Clermont, Florida.”

Ramirez ran this territory for 13 years, working with corporate clients for all of their landscaping and lawn maintenance needs. In 2019, a franchisee from a neighboring territory asked to buy his business. “I wasn’t even looking to sell, and I had no idea what I was going to do after, but the offer was too good to pass up,” said Ramirez. 

As he started looking towards the next steps, and knowing from experience how lucrative the industry can be, Lawn Doctor came to mind. “I remember while working my territory for the other company I would always see Lawn Doctor trucks or vans around,” said Ramirez. “When I started looking for what to do next, it kept popping back in my mind.” 

Ramirez reached out to the corporate team and was immediately impressed by Lawn Doctor’s robust support services and marketing programs. “It really stood out to me,” said Ramirez, “I also already had all the necessary licenses, so I thought it would be an easier transition.”

As Ramirez began to go through the discovery process, he became more and more convinced that Lawn Doctor was the right choice for his future. “I don’t know if it was because I was familiar with the work, but everything went really smoothly,” said Ramirez.

According to VP of Franchise Development, most prospective franchise partners know very little about the business of lawn care when joining the system. “Over 90% of our new owners come to us with no previous industry experience” said Martin. “We typically like to start from the ground up and train people the Lawn Doctor way, because our brand and model is unique compared to others. Joe certainly has relevant experience, but it was his positive attitude, willingness to be nimble and openness to adjusting some old ways of thinking that made us feel great about the match.”

Like many other Lawn Doctor franchisees that signed on in 2019, Ramirez attended the brand’s fall training program, which gives franchisees a chance to hit the ground running with marketing before the busy spring season. Even in territories like Florida where things are sunny year-round, winter and fall signings give Lawn Doctor franchisees plenty of time to get in gear, troubleshoot operations and perfect the business before the first rush.

“We had our training class in November, it was very informative,” Ramirez continued. “We have been ramping up for the past couple of months and really working on our ground game, I just can’t wait to get this season started.”

The startup costs for a Lawn Doctor franchise range from $100,015 to $116,065. The franchise fee ranges from $88,950 to $102,000. To learn more about franchising with Lawn Doctor, visit

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