Why The Seasonality of the Lawn Doctor Business Is Such A Benefit To The Brand
Why The Seasonality of the Lawn Doctor Business Is Such A Benefit To The Brand

Backed by unparalleled corporate support, franchisees are thriving in Lawn Doctor’s recurring revenue model despite changes in the weather.

Ask Lawn Doctor franchisees what they like most about the business model and inevitably the topic of seasonality comes up. Unlike many franchises, Lawn Doctor franchisees manage the majority of their business from March through November, with the exception of warm weather regions like Florida. While many entrepreneurs may balk at the idea of this long of a break, Lawn Doctor franchisees embrace this time to recalibrate and recharge without sacrificing financial performance.

“This business is very customer-focused, but the seasonality of the model allows me to recharge my batteries, service my equipment and plan for the following year very effectively,” said Long Island Lawn Doctor Franchisee Ted Kramer. “I use that downtime to focus on building the business for the upcoming season while refining our marketing and approach. We were able to do more than one million in revenue last year and the Lawn Doctor business model is one of the main reasons why.”

Unlike many other franchise systems in the industry, Lawn Doctor franchisees also do not have to put as much focus on rebuilding their customer base from season to season. That’s because Lawn Doctor boasts a traditionally high customer retention rate. Backed by a 50-year proven system, Lawn Doctor leads the industry in customer satisfaction with an impressive rate of 80 percent. In fact, most franchisees spend the “offseason” focused on gaining new customers, growing their business and planning for the future.

“When I signed my first franchise agreement 29 years ago, one of our goals was to be able to make enough money during the season to sustain ourselves during the winter so we could focus on building the business while also spending quality time with our family,” said Lawn Doctor Connecticut Franchisee John Demeyer. “Once we embraced the business model, the seasonality of Lawn Doctor has become something I couldn’t live without.” 

Furthering its commitment to its franchisees and their customers, Lawn Doctor continually strives to simplify and streamline operations to maximize productivity during its busy seasons using their proven systems. This allows franchisees to concentrate on growing their business and ultimately their bottom line.

As a Lawn Doctor franchisee, you have the opportunity to invest in several different ownership models including single units, multiple locations or to even run your business as a semi-absentee owner. Lawn Doctor also provides all franchisees with the ongoing training, marketing, technology and product innovation support needed to be successful.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Lawn Doctor franchise model is its affordability. Initial investments range between $81,500 and $100,450, including $40,000 in first year marketing and average franchisee revenue exceeds $630,000. Franchisees that own seven or more territories see average revenue of more than $2 million.

As a company that is constantly developing newer and better services and proprietary industry-leading equipment, Lawn Doctor sees it as its responsibility to ensure that its franchisees master the evolving operations and development of their business. 

“There is not another lawn care company that comes close to competing with the kind of service we provide our customers and the support that franchisees receive from the corporate staff,” added Demeyer. “By focusing on high-demand and repeat services like lawn fertilization, weed control, landscaping, and mosquito and tick control, franchisees can focus what matters most to their bottom line – in or out of season.”    

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