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Rent-A-Center has become all but synonymous within the rent-to-own segment of the retail industry. From its strong national presence to its ability to eliminate the need for credit, consumers across the country continue to return to their local Rent-A-Center store whenever they’re in need of furniture, major appliances, electronics and computers but are unable to make a large down payment. It’s because of that unique positioning in the marketplace that Rent-A-Center has been able to help people across the country realize their own American dream. And now, that ability to realize a dream is being extended to entrepreneurs and business owners through the brand’s newly announced refranchising initiative.

In an effort to move a significant number of its stores from corporate ownership to local ownership, Rent-A-Center is actively looking for multi-unit operators to join its system who want to diversify their portfolios by making a major investment. This isn’t the first time that the brand has tackled the franchise business model—there are 180+ Rent-A-Center locations that are currently owned and operated by local franchisees—but this initiative marks the first time the brand has tapped into the potential of multi-unit owners who are looking to purchase the rights to an entire market and take over between 30 and 50 stores.

How Rent-A-Center Works
Why Rent-A-Center Franchise?

Over the past three decades, Rent-A-Center has achieved the kind of segment dominance that few other brands in any industry have. The iconic retail franchise has not only carved out the lion’s share of its market, its brand has become all but synonymous with the rent-to-own industry. Even with nearly 3,000 locations across three countries and an estimated 35 percent of the entire rent-to-own market space in the U.S., Rent-A-Center continues taking steps to bolster its position as the leader in the industry.

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How Much Can I Make?

The average annual revenue of the 2,417 corporately owned Rent-A-Center stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico that were operating for 24 months or longer as of December 31, 2016 totaled $796,023. The highest store in this summary attained annual revenue of $2,443,736.

For more complete financial information, please refer to Item 19 of Rent-A-Center’s FDD.


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How Much Does it Cost?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of one new Rent-A-Center store ranges from $355,392 to $582,430, including a $35,000 franchise fee. For franchisees looking to enter into a development agreement, the total investment falls between $30,000 to $60,000. The entire development fee is payable to Rent-A-Center.

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Meet the Rent-A-Center Team

The executive team behind Rent-A-Center’s franchise system is made up of brand and industry experts who bring years of experience in franchising and the rent-to-own space to the table. Every member of this team is united by their passion for Rent-A-Center, its franchisees and the refranchising initiative. These are two of the executives who are spearheading this ongoing, large-scale initiative to help tap into the power of local business ownership:

Cathy Skula, CFE, Executive Vice President of Rent-A-Center Franchising International, Inc.
Michael Landry, CFE, Vice President of Franchise Development for Rent-A-Center Franchising International, Inc.

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