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Monterey Herald: Greg and Ida DeMaagd Celebrate 9 Years as Co-Owners of the Monterey County Seniors Helping Seniors Location

The 71 and 67-year-old couple highlight the importance of offering the local senior community assistance and employment.

According to an article published in The Monterey Herald, Greg and Ida DeMaagd came across a magazine advertisement for a franchise opportunity with Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care service. The article states that both of Greg’s parents had passed away and the couple had no children, so a large reason why they decided to invest in the franchise was to assist the local senior community who doesn’t have family to rely on and require assistance while still allowing them to be independent. 

The article states Greg’s background is in marketing and advertising and has founded 3 companies throughout his lifetime. Ida has about 40 years of experience as a healthcare professional and currently also works as a respiratory therapist at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Greg states, “My wife got involved in in-home care in the ‘80s; she is the team leader for administrators. I do marketing and advertising, I do payroll invoicing. My wife handles scheduling. We don’t get too involved with each other’s sides of the business, and that’s fine with me. Out of everything I’ve done, this has been the most interesting”, Greg says. 

Before opening their location, the article mentions they went around to other senior facilities and advertised that they would be hiring seniors aged 50-plus. Greg points out this being a big selling point for the local community as many seniors wanted to work. He’s proud of their local business because “we allow people to stay in their own home and be independent.”

According to Greg, his team aims to find the perfect personality match between the care providers and receivers. He says, “It’s like a family member moving in with you, and it’s a very important aspect,” and “we build relationships.”

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