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5 Reasons Teachers Are Buying Into Sylvan

As the brand continues to grow, experienced educators are showing interest thanks to the meaningful work and affordable opportunity the brand presents.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 1:13PM 09/28/22

Educators continue to flock to Sylvan Learning, the leading provider of personalized education for K–12 students, as the concept provides a meaningful investment opportunity. With the ability to grow their own business without losing sight of their passion for education, teachers note the franchise's flexibility, support and overarching ideologies as draws to buy in.

As more educators shift their passion to Sylvan, here are some reasons franchisees chose to make the switch.

  1. Meaning: “I just kept seeing the students getting further behind, and there was nowhere for our students to go. It’d be an hour and a half to the nearest Sylvan Learning.”

As a public school educator in a rural community, Jenny Nelson began to notice the students in her area falling further and further behind, from lower elementary grades all the way through high school. Because of the school’s locations, families were forced to drive over an hour to the nearest Sylvan Learning center or rely on private tutors in the community.

For educators who feel the frustration of limited resources in an area, the opportunity to take things into their own hands and bring Sylvan to the community can be incredibly rewarding. Not only are educators able to play a crucial role in solving an issue they personally have dealt with, but they are also able to empower a massive amount of students and families in a way that would be very difficult to do through a traditional school system or entirely independent business model.  

“If I opened on my own, there’s no way that I’d have access to all of the resources I get through Sylvan,” Nelson added.

  1. Flexibility: “It allowed me to stay within the brand that I so dearly loved but gave me a little bit more flexibility in my schedule.”

Jessica Rollins first got involved with Sylvan when she was working full-time as a fourth-grade teacher and seeking additional work after school. Through the years, she became more involved with the brand and eventually came to manage three Sylvan Learning centers. When the owners of those centers were ready to retire, they approached Rollins and asked if she had ever considered business ownership.

In the cases of both Sylvan professionals turned franchisees and public school teachers who shift to Sylvan ownership, the brand’s flexibility presents a notable benefit. By nature, many jobs within the education space can be incredibly rigid as educators are expected to follow a prescribed academic calendar. Sylvan franchisees, on the other hand, experience a refreshing amount of flexibility in their time, professional development, and obligations without losing sight of the profession and mission they are passionate about.

  1. Support: “From the beginning, it’s been clear that Sylvan wants to support its brand, its students and its franchisees.”

Jason Blanshine worked as a special education teacher and paraprofessional for over a decade before he began looking for a change of pace. The expectations placed on teachers to participate in what felt like never-ending testing, paperwork and other administrative tasks that took time away from actually teaching began to frustrate him, and Blanshine wanted an opportunity that would let him refocus his passions.

After watching the brand adapt to COVID-related interruptions in real time and conducting his own thorough research, Blanshine knew that Sylvan was committed to the success of everyone in its network. With this support available, franchise owners can balance their personal passion for education with the new learning they’ll be doing on the business side of things.

  1. Pedagogy: “Sylvan Learning aligns exactly with what I believe in — that each child needs their own individual learning plan.”

Sabrina Ghotra explained that Sylvan’s three-to-one student-teacher ratio allows learners to receive more personalized attention and learning support. While learning modes and speeds have always varied among students, the consequences of pandemic-related educational interruptions have only made the differences more apparent.

When educators have the space to address each student’s unique needs, students and their families can be pleasantly surprised by the progress they can make through these catered learning programs. This makes the job even more fulfilling for educators who love seeing their students succeed and builds community members' trust and confidence.

  1. Affordability: “The costs of owning a Sylvan franchise are reasonable.”

Lori Parker, a former substitute teacher and Sylvan educator, began looking into Sylvan ownership after she noticed she had developed a preference for working at Sylvan rather than accepting in-district substitute teaching positions. She was excited to lean into the Sylvan ideals even further, but investing in a franchise is a big decision.

Sylvan Learning works to keep the initial franchise investment relatively low so as not to prohibit qualified candidates from joining the franchise network. With a history of strong returns, Sylvan provides a business opportunity that is both affordable and highly scalable.

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