5 Reasons Why Child Education is a Hot Franchise Category in 2018
5 Reasons Why Child Education is a Hot Franchise Category in 2018

When Considering the Right Franchise Investment, Child Education Should Top Your List

It’s no secret that the price to obtain a college education is at an all-time high. A college education has become something that isn’t just valued in the majority of the workforce, it’s required. This means that the competition to get accepted into top universities has risen to the point where parents must take steps earlier than ever before to ensure that their children are positioned for success in their academic careers. It’s this highly competitive environment that makes child education an increasingly hot franchise category for 2018. And according to Global Industry Analysts, the private learning and tutoring market is experiencing rapid growth, on pace to become a $227.2 billion industry by 2022. In this article, 1851 Franchise explains why supplemental and enrichment child education is an industry to invest in.

1) Increased value of the college degree and emphasis on resume

To land a well-paying job in the professional world, having a college degree is a prerequisite. Employers will always look at where students attended school and what they studied to even get to the interview phase.

2) Increased competition in schools

Parents and ambitious students recognize the increasing difficulty of entering the workforce, and thus all compete to get into the best school possible to prepare for professional life. But this competition is now starting earlier than college or high school. It’s becoming increasingly harder to nab a spot at a prestigious middle school – or even elementary school – as well.

3) Parents are more willing to invest in education beyond regular schooling

With competition to get accepted into top schools heating up at an unprecedented pace, parents not only recognize that regular schooling might not be enough, but they are also more willing to invest in educational services like those provided at Sylvan Learning. Sylvan has added more advancement and test prep curriculum, including SAT and ACT prep, private school placement test prep, writing, study skills, advanced math, robotics, coding and engineering.

4) Competition is created amongst parents

If parent A sees that parent B is investing in their child’s education to a large degree, parent A will often take steps to make sure that child A is just as well off as child B. In communities where families can afford the cost of additional education courses, parents begin to seek out the best possible services to ensure that their children are attaining the best opportunities to get ahead in their education.

5) Parents are trying to ‘get to the game’ as early as possible

With the increased emphasis on the need for top-notch education, parents are now pressured to provide their kids with accelerated education options. The underlying theme of competition among parents begins early on, so by enrolling a child into an education program at an early age, the parents are setting them up for a more successful future. Parents are no longer waiting for their child to fall behind to enroll them in courses; they’re viewing enrichment education like an after school activity equivalent to soccer or ballet.

The takeaway

Top educational franchise brands have recognized the socioeconomic factors that are currently taking place and know that their programs are in high demand. Sylvan Learning is a prime example of a franchise that has shaped its mission and capabilities to provide offerings for the parents and children who seek to push the boundaries on education.

Sylvan Learning stresses results and setting children up for long-term success. Through its unique integration of technology into its curriculum and individualized learning paths, Sylvan Learning builds academic confidence for its students and inspires them to grow their own educational ambitions.

Sylvan Learning understands that parents are trying to “get in the game” as early as possible, so the brand offers resources for children from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

As parents continue to seek the best educational resources for their children in an increasingly competitive landscape, brands like Sylvan Learning are leading the industry by continuing to raise the bar on the results that education services can provide.

Now is an opportune time to invest in a strong child education franchise like Sylvan. To learn more about Sylvan Learning franchise opportunities, visit www.SylvanFranchise.com.