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Cheddar: Reinventing Education in Digital Age

CEO John McAuliffe discusses the Sylvan Learning model, new programs and trends in tutoring, the increase in STEM programs, and much more.

Much has changed over the past 35 years since Sylvan Learning was founded and the franchise brand has continued to evolve in order to meet those changing needs. Sylvan Learning CEO John McAuliffe was recently on Cheddar and discussed efforts to reshape the company and its systems, including an increased commitment to STEM programs.

"I think we're going to see the STEM component of our business grow fairly dramatically over the next couple of years," McAuliffe told Cheddar. "We're trying to get into a niche area which is to capture kids at a very young age to engage them in STEM to see the possibilities."

McAuliffe added that high school programs aren't fully meeting the needs of STEM teaching, and Sylvan Learning sees great growth potential in this area.

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