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EdTech Magazine: 3 Ways to Overcome High Student-Teacher Ratios and Improve Personalized Learning

Technology and analytics could be the solution to challenges created by teacher shortages and overcrowded classes.

Emily Levitt, Vice President of Education at Sylvan Learning, wrote in EdTech about how the use of strategic technology in the classroom allows teachers to spend more time with students. According to Levitt, increased cross-curriculum communication and standardized exams arm educators with the best understanding of their student’s learning level. From face-to-face interactions to designing personalized learning plans for students, Levitt said that teachers can extend reach in Sylvan classrooms through efficient technology use, increased testing and motivational systems. 

"All of these points covered in the story are why personalized learning is so important at Sylvan,” said Amy Przywara, CMO of Sylvan Learning. “A lot of time, kids can't get personalized learning in the classroom because there's only one teacher and many students. There is always a need for personalizing learning for a child. On top of that, report cards only give insights into one period of time. At Sylvan, we are able to provide ongoing feedback and track progress to continue to personalize to provide the child with the best results possible."

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