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How a Unique and Innovative Approach to Supplemental Education Separates Sylvan Learning from the Competition

From its expertly trained teachers to its integration of technology into the classroom, Sylvan Learning goes above and beyond to differentiate itself to both consumers and business owners.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 07/07/17

Demand in the supplemental education segment of the franchising industry is at an all-time high. More and more families are looking for outside help when it comes to their child’s academic performance—from students who need extra assistance to those looking to get ahead or prepare for standardized tests, there’s no shortage of potential clients in communities across the country. But not all supplemental education brands are created equal. When it comes to working with the best personal tutoring brand in the industry, there’s one clear concept to beat: Sylvan Learning.

Backed by nearly four decades of experience and more than 750 thriving locations in the U.S. alone, Sylvan Learning has a long history of setting the standard for academic excellence. Between its innovative programs—including STEM, robotics and coding courses—and the integration of technology inside the classroom, the brand is ensuring that students and their families are receiving both top quality education and customer service. And according to Georgia Chasen, Sylvan Learning’s senior director of franchise development, that’s why the brand is breaking into new communities at rapid rates.

“Our consistent growth comes down to the fact that Sylvan brings something completely unique to the table. Every aspect of our program is designed to fit a student’s individual needs—our teachers and staff members go above and beyond to ensure that every student that walks through our doors is leaving with the tools and confidence that they need to be successful in school,” said Chasen. “Learning isn’t a one size fits all activity, and here at Sylvan, we take that into account.”  

But Sylvan’s individualized and tailored approach to supplemental education isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out from the competition. The brand offers a variety of services that simply can’t be found anywhere else. When you compare Sylvan with Huntington Learning, for example, it’s clear that Sylvan’s approach to personal tutoring is more comprehensive and innovative. While Sylvan Learning’s programs are run through its proprietary system called SylvanSyncÔ and instructors teach on iPads, Huntington’s curriculum is pen-and-paper based. Huntington also doesn’t boast a low student-to-teacher ratio or motivational rewards system for students like Sylvan does, nor does Huntington embrace online progress tracking for families in addition to fun and educational online apps and activities.

It’s those differentiating factors that continue separate Sylvan Learning from other competing concepts. And it’s also why the brand’s students see a higher success rate—Sylvan students typically see up to two or three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students.

“When you line Sylvan up with other supplemental education brands side-by-side, there’s no competition. We’re innovating in a way that no one else is—by adding technology into our curriculum and streamlining our system to be more convenient and accessible to families, we’re moving the entire industry forward,” said Amy Przywara, Sylvan Learning’s chief marketing officer. “We’ve found the perfect mix of personal connections with our students and technological advancements, and we’re excited to continue rolling out new features down the line.”

Huntington isn’t the only supplemental education concept that Sylvan Learning outshines. Kumon is another education center that requires its students to complete worksheets on their own without receiving instructions from teachers. The brand also lacks the individualized approach that has become Sylvan’s signature, in addition to proven results that are backed by research studies. Mathnasium, on the other hand, is also pen-and-paper based, and doesn’t work with certified teachers who are able to adapt to unique learning plans in real time in the way that Sylvan’s educators can.

“Whether your child is trying to catch up, keep up or get ahead, there’s something for everyone at Sylvan. Every member of our team—from our franchisees to our teachers—is trained to not only improve academic grades and scores, but boost confidence, too,” said Przywara. “The education industry is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is our top priority. We were founded with a mission to provide the best possible personal tutoring services, and we aim to achieve that goal every single day at all of our centers across the country.” 

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