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New Center Development and International Expansion Fuels Sylvan Learning’s Strong Momentum Heading into the Second Half of 2017

Leading Supplemental Education Brand Launches 12 New Centers and Welcomes 33 New Franchisees to its Rapidly Growing System

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 2:14PM 08/10/17

Demand in the supplemental education segment of the franchising industry is climbing at an unprecedented pace. Families across the globe—regardless of the state of the economy—are increasingly looking for ways to help their children either catch up, keep up or get ahead in school to ensure that they’re positioned for a successful career. But even as the industry continues to become more crowded, there’s one brand that consistently outpaces the competition: Sylvan Learning.

Backed by four decades of experience and over 750 locations worldwide, Sylvan Learning is positioned as the leading education franchise. From its commitment to technological innovation in teaching children to its unrivaled focus on STEM, robotics and coding education, the brand’s system is designed to not only set its customers up for success, but its franchisees as well. That’s why it’s no surprise that Sylvan is closing out the first half of 2017 with strong momentum.

Sylvan worked closely with the franchise community to launch a new license agreement, leading to the licensing and opening of 12 new centers so far this year, and a double digit pipeline of territories slated for development. Sylvan continues to attract entrepreneurial franchisees, with 33 new franchisees joining the system, including some multi-unit owners. Resale activity has also been strong, with 26 territory ownership transfers and counting. And that growth isn’t limited to domestic markets—Sylvan Learning is expanding its reach across the globe. The brand has opened up its fifth new center in Vietnam this year, with an additional center opening currently pending in Saudi Arabia.

“There’s no doubt that the first two quarters of 2017 have been positive for the Sylvan Learning brand. Between expanding our presence in existing markets—both domestically and internationally—and bringing new franchisees on board, it’s clear that our proven concept is catching on among consumers and business owners alike,” said Georgia Chasen, Sylvan Learning’s senior director of franchise development. “We’re eager to continue this trend going forward into the rest of the year, ultimately allowing Sylvan to close out 2017 on a record-breaking high.”

To fuel that continued growth, Sylvan Learning is actively taking steps to enhance its franchise system and boost the level of support that its local owners receive. This past spring, for example, the brand rolled out an in-house financing program designed to make it even more affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs to join its system. In addition to reducing its franchise fee to $24,000 from $48,000, the brand is offering franchisees in-house financing up to $100,000. The program’s introduction comes after Sylvan launched a new license agreement, which also decreases the cost associated with becoming an owner.

“Since we launched our new licensing agreement, the cost to open up a Sylvan franchise has decreased dramatically. When you combine that with our new in-house financing program, franchisees have the potential to get their first center up and running with that money alone,” said Jacob Jones, Sylvan’s vice president of finance. “This program was designed to alleviate the upfront cost to launching a Sylvan franchise. We want to give people who are interested the opportunity to be a part of our proven brand. This new program is designed to give people the opportunity to realize their full potential as business owners without breaking the bank. If we believe in you as an entrepreneur and are confident that you’re a great fit for the Sylvan Learning brand, we’re going to do everything in our power to get you financing.”

Not only does Sylvan Learning’s unique approach to franchising open the door for more franchisees to enter its system, it also means that the brand is targeting the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. By staying ahead of the curve and integrating cutting edge practices into its proven programs, Sylvan is setting itself for long-term success on both the corporate and local levels. And with its sights set on expanding in Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Orlando, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and Charlotte, North Carolina, Sylvan is just getting started.

“Sylvan Learning has been setting the standard for excellence in the supplemental education industry for nearly 40 years. But the changes and enhancements that we’re implementing across our entire system today are what will allow us to continue that tradition for the next 40,” said John McAuliffe, Sylvan Learning’s CEO. “We established a strong foundation in the first half of 2017, and we’re looking forward to building on that momentum in the months ahead.”

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