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Sylvan Franchisee Sandeep Malik’s Children Inspired Him to Franchise with the Supplemental and Enrichment Education Brand

The father of two opened his first Sylvan Learning as an investment in his children’s future and the future of others.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 1:13PM 04/29/20

Throughout its 40+ year history, Sylvan Learning has solidified itself as a leader in the supplemental and enrichment education franchise industry. Many of the brand’s franchisees, including Sandeep Malik, found their way to the franchise after exploring education options for their own children. 

As an Indian-American immigrant and descendant of two teachers—his father and grandmother—Malik always placed a high value on education for his own daughters, Naysa and Krishna. Malik’s own professional background is in computer sales, but his passion for education led him to invest in the future of his children by franchising with Sylvan. 

Naysa, who is in the second grade, and Krishna, who is in kindergarten, are both getting to the age where supplemental education could be key in their development as students, and Malik felt that the options in his area weren’t quite up to the standards that Sylvan Learning have set for the past 40 years. “There are a few other options in the area like Kumon and Mathnasium, but Sylvan is a brand that I completely believe in. Their technology is constantly evolving, and as much as they do learn in school, teachers and parents can’t always give them all of the attention or information that they need,” said Malik. 

Malik’s sentiments about supplemental learning ring true for other Sylvan parents as well  — Sylvan Learning has proven to not only help students along educationally but also to bolster their confidence and develop social skills. Regular assessments, a low teacher-to-student ratio, personalized check-ins and the proprietary software SylvanSync are all advantages of an educational path supplemented by Sylvan Learning

Many of Malik’s friends and fellow parents in the area were looking forward to the opening of his Sylvan Learning location. “Everyone is always looking for a reliable tutor. Sylvan is a great addition to the neighborhood,” said Mailk. In addition to Sylvan’s ever-evolving curriculum, Malik is focusing his center on new developments in technology including STEM, coding and robotics. “I think Sylvan is at the top of everything right now, and we can offer so much,” said Malik. “Plus we can take such a wide range of ages.”

Like many of Sylvan’s franchisees, Malik feels that education is the key to building a better future. “I believe education is everything. It inspires the next generation, it changes the community and it really makes a difference,” said Malik. “Sylvan is the best option for education because it offers every possible subject for almost every age of student.”

After his center opened in February of 2020, Malik is excited to have the opportunity to transform both the lives of his own children and his local community through Sylvan. 

The startup costs for a Sylvan Learning franchise range from $70,270-$163,625. The franchise fee is $24,000. To learn more about franchising with Sylvan Learning, visit


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