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Sylvan Launches New Website to Easily Show Parents Its Wide Range of Courses
Sylvan Launches New Website to Easily Show Parents Its Wide Range of Courses
Pricing and Schedules Are Now Listed on Local Sylvan Websites for Parents to Easily Navigate

To provide some assistance in this busy day and age, Sylvan Learning has unveiled a new website to help parents be able to easily find exactly what they’re looking for. Since Sylvan offers affordable courses for students of all levels and ages, the team decided to create a simple way for parents to find exactly what program is best for their child as soon as they land on the brand’s home page. Even though a variety of programs have existed for years that help students catch up or accelerate their learning, parents didn’t always know about the wide range of Sylvan offerings.

One new feature is the easy to use dropdown menu that lists the types of needs that one’s child could have. The website reads, “My child” before a parent can scroll through options including “needs practice,” “is falling behind,” “is struggling,” “needs help to keep up,” “wants to be more confident,” “needs bigger challenges,” “wants to get ahead” or “needs prep help.” The simple navigational tool then leads parents to choose from applicable subjects for the student’s needs, including Sylvan courses in math, reading, algebra and geometry, writing, study skills, homework, advanced math, AP classes, coding, robotics, science and engineering and SAT/ACT prep help.

Although Sylvan was once viewed as the solution for students who were behind in only math or reading, Sylvan has continued to evolve its curriculum to provide courses not just for children who are behind, but for children of all ages and grade levels, included accelerated programs.

“We’ve always had programs that help students who are struggling, but we have also had programs that can help students get ahead on an accelerated path. The problem was that people always looked at us only for our tutoring help and didn’t realize that we have options for all students on their academic path to success,” said Amy Przywara, Sylvan Learning CMO. “We wanted to make it more clear to parents that we offer an entire suite of programs for children of all academic abilities. If kids are trying to get into a more competitive middle school, we can help. If kids have an interest in coding or robotics, we have courses for them. If kids need more academic coaching or help with their homework, we can do that, too.”

Once parents click through to the best option that meets their child’s needs, the new website points out—in a clear and defined manner—the benefits of each course. If a child is seeking confidence in algebra, the new website confirms that he or she will be able to learn at the right pace, build skills to increase confidence, keep frustration down and become excited about learning.

With family schedules getting busier and busier, Sylvan wants to make their website as easy to navigate as possible.

“Moms are dropping one kid off at soccer and picking another one up from dance class. If we can make their lives a teeny bit easier, we want to take that opportunity,” said Przywara. “We’ve had a large selection of courses for a long time, but people didn’t realize it, so we are making it as easy as possible for parents to understand that we can help all children on their academic journey.”

Along those same lines, Sylvan is now including pricing on local center websites. After completing consumer research, Sylvan found that consumers expected to find the cost online, so they’re meeting that desire by making it easily accessible for parents. An added benefit to including pricing is that it has demonstrated to families how affordable Sylvan is. And not only is the pricing clearly listed on the location pages, but it also highlights the local center schedules, as well.

“We understand that today’s consumer wants information easily, and they don’t have the time to dig around and find what they need or call someone to get it,” said Przywara. “These website upgrades have been made because we want to put details at parents’ fingertips. We understand that today’s parents function at non-stop paces, and we’re committed to operating at the same speed.”



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