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Sylvan Learning Center Franchisee Turned a Career in Academia into Business Ownership

Krista Martin was on track to earning her PhD when she found a love for teaching and a new path with Sylvan.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 09/06/19


“If you had asked me 10 years ago where I would be at this time, I would have said that I was going to be a tenure-track professor,” said Sylvan Learning Center franchisee Krista Martin. Martin feels that she has always thrived in an academic environment—she fell in love with teaching while earning her Master's in Organizational Communication. While teaching at the collegiate level, she discovered Sylvan as a part-time job to supplement her income. 

“For me, academia has always been a really safe place,” said Martin, “but I know that’s not the case for all students.” Being able to work closely with students to figure out exactly what they needed inspired Martin and she loved witnessing their 'Aha!' moments when everything fell into place.

“I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to build my career with Sylvan whatever that looked like,” said Martin. “I started out teaching, moved into some marketing roles and eventually into a director role.”

Martin now is the owner of three centers in Portsmouth and Salem, New Hampshire and Weymouth, Massachusetts. 

“The intersection between education and business is where I’ve always thrived,” said Martin. “My master's is in organizational communication, so I’ve intensely studied communication processes from a business level and an organizational level. For me, Sylvan is the perfect marriage between the two areas that I thrive in and I find it really rewarding. It accomplished by goal of owning my own business and plays to my personal strengths.”

Martin wants to use her leadership position to empower her staff in building their careers and taking ownership in the center. “ want to turn Sylvan into a career for more than just myself and my full-time directors,” said Martin. “I’m focusing on the people that make up the center and making sure they’re contributing in a way that works well for them.”

Martin has been a franchisee with Sylvan since October of 2018, and intends to carry on the 40-year legacy of top-notch education and enrichment that Sylvan has created. 


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