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Sylvan Learning Creates the Best Franchise Deal in the Education Industry

How the Brand’s Exceptional Course Offerings, Technology and Fee Structure Benefit Franchisees

By Lauren Turner1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 03/21/18

Navigating different franchise opportunities can be intimidating, but when it comes to the supplemental and enrichment education industry, there is a clear leader – Sylvan Learning. No other brand in the personal tutoring segment gets results like Sylvan. With more than 39 years of experience, its students typically see up to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students. Alongside actual results, Sylvan is able to boost student confidence with fun and engaging lessons from certified instructors, helping students achieve their goals.

When taking a look at what Sylvan offers versus the competition, one thing that truly sets the brand apart is its use of educational technology. Sylvan is the only concept in the space that offers computer-adaptive assessment tests and progress assessments with individual, adaptive learning plans that adjust in real time using advanced technology. Instead of using worksheets, Sylvan locations are equipped with SylvanSync tablets that are its main teaching tool for students. The brand also offers online progress tracking for parents, showing how Sylvan is exceptionally ahead of the curve through its strategic use of technology.

“We have entire technology and education departments that are dedicated to evolving our programs and updating courses to keep our curriculum fresh and relevant,” said Emily Levitt, Sylvan Learning’s Vice President of Education. “We have always had personalized programming and low student-to-teacher ratios, but we have simply changed our approach over the years to keep students excited about learning while also being able to track progress.”

Another thing that sets Sylvan apart from the crowd of imitators is its diversification of programs, which provide franchisees with multiple revenue streams. Sylvan doesn’t stop at math, or even at math and reading, like many tutoring franchise brands. Instead, Sylvan provides students of all ages and levels with a wide range of programs that include reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, ACT and SAT prep, state test prep, robotics, coding, engineering, science and college readiness.

When franchise candidates compare and contrast all of the education brands, they have the opportunity to see that Sylvan offers the most programs that then translates into the most opportunity for different revenue steams. They also gain insight into the fact that Sylvan has a forward-thinking view toward technology and nearly four decades of proven results. Better yet, its reduced real estate footprint requirements and ability to offer courses outside of the brick and mortar locations within a specific territory through its SylvanSync tablets even further supports a franchisee’s opportunity to increase revenue. All of this potential comes with the lowest royalty rate in the segment.

“With everything that we’re offering our franchisees, we feel strongly that our all-in royalty rate which is lower than the royalty fee approach taken by our competitors further exemplifies how we truly have our franchisees’ backs and want them to succeed,” said John McAuliffe, Sylvan’s CEO. “The corporate team consists of 121 people whose job is to help our franchisees be profitable businessmen and women in each community that we serve while also making a difference in the lives of the students and parents that trust Sylvan for results. From our ongoing training and support resources to our local marketing tools and outstanding and evolving curriculum, we know that we’ve created something special that no one in the space can touch.”


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