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Sylvan Learning Empowered These Franchisees To Spend More Time With Their Families

As business owners, Sylvan franchisees have more control over their schedule, meaning they can show up for their loved ones when and where it matters.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 5:17PM 12/19/22

For some business owners, the appeal of entrepreneurship comes in the form of no longer having an official boss. You’re your own boss; you make the rules! While this has its benefits, Anthony DiGiacomo, a multi-unit Sylvan Learning franchisee of over two decades, says this should not be the reason you get into business.

Rather than running away from something, run towards something. In this approach lies the freedom that allows Sylvan franchisees to spend this time with their families. Doing work that feels valuable and personally fulfilling allows you to be more present, mentally, when you’re with your loved ones. And being an entrepreneur does lend itself to some flexibility in your schedule.

DiGiacomo, who opened his first Sylvan location in 1999, says he has not missed a single concert, sports event or other important moments for his children since being in business. The work will always be there, he explained, but being the owner allows you to prioritize accordingly. Sometimes, the business will capture most of your attention; other times, the family will.

“You still have to do the work, but I really had control over when and what I was doing based on my strengths,” explained Stacey McCoy, a former educator and now-franchisee. Having worked as a high school teacher in the states, Europe and Canada, McCoy was more than accustomed to her day being controlled — quite literally — by the school bells.

McCoy entered the Sylvan network when her daughter was six years old. While the family dynamic shifts as children grow up, she maintains that Sylvan ownership is far more flexible than more traditional education jobs.

Especially for families with children, Sylvan can be a great option since it is so kid-friendly. Both McCoy and DiGiacomo said their own children have attended Sylvan, and it is easy to bring a child to work with you if the need arises — something that is far less acceptable in corporate spaces.

Rather than sticking to standard corporate expectations and schedules, which can often conflict with young children’s school events and extracurriculars, Sylvan allows franchisees to make a living while doing meaningful work and maintaining all aspects of their lives and relationships.

“You’re there when it matters. You are in control of that to a large extent,” McCoy said.

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