Sylvan Learning Provides Franchisees with Program Variety to Diversify Revenue Streams
Sylvan Learning Provides Franchisees with Program Variety to Diversify Revenue Streams

The Profitability of Different Courses Sets Both Franchisees and Students Up for Success

Supplemental and education enrichment franchise Sylvan Learning continues to prove itself as a leader in the industry due to the success of its programs and services that are offered to both students and franchisees.

To fully examine the four legs of the Sylvan Learning's business model, 1851 Franchise broke down why each sector is crucial in adding to a franchise owner’s bottom line.

Core Programs

Sylvan Learning was founded with its core programs including math, reading, study skills, homework help and writing as the base of its business model, . According to Nizar Bhulani, a multi-unit franchise owner with locations in Bedford and Dallas, Texas, these individualized learning programs are the bread and butter at all Sylvan Learning locations.

“The core programs that back Sylvan’s model are the at the center of every franchisee’s business in the system,” said Bhulani. “Through my experience, I’ve found the core programs to be the most beneficial to most of our students as they provide them with some of the most personal and best educational courses in the nation, allowing them to tackle almost any subject area they’re struggling with in their academic careers.”

Bhulani also added that the core programs allow Sylvan Learning to bridge the gap efficiently and effectively for students at all different learning levels and ages.

Sylvan EDGE

With a goal of providing advanced students the ability to further expand their knowledge base, Sylvan EDGE focuses on enhancing STEM learning skills for students with programs that offer innovative courses in coding, robotics, engineering, science and math. Sylvan Learning franchisee Audra Bohn believes the different EDGE courses offered at her center in Bend, Oregon allow students to engage themselves in higher level learning before they’d be introduced to these subjects at school. EDGE gives children a chance to learn more about STEM subjects - in particular, math - and prepares them for a lifetime of learning that can translate into the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

“Our EDGE programs allow us to expose children to STEM learning at a younger age, ultimately providing them with an opportunity to explore what their career interests might be, as well as which academic areas they excel in, early on,” said Bohn.

Test Prep

There’s no shortage of high school juniors across the nation who need professional tutoring help ahead of ACT and SAT exams. According to franchisee Kimberly Voltz, whose center in Columbus, Georgia has been open since 2015, Sylvan Learning’s test prep services are a gateway to either gain new clients or provide existing clients with additional help.

“We certainly have existing students that end up investing in our test prep services a few months ahead of placement exams because we offer some of the most personalized and effective activities to prepare high school juniors for the ACT and SAT,” said Voltz. “On the other hand, we also have students who initially come to us for test prep, but realize that they can benefit from our other programs to improve their writing, math or whatever other skills they may need help with.”

Voltz also commented that Sylvan’s test prep services are profitable year-round, not just during the few months before standardized testing dates.

“The peak season for test prep generally lasts from April to December, however, we certainly service students at any given time with test prep as there are many dates available for students to take these exams,” said Voltz.

Ace It!

Sylvan’s Ace it! program allows franchise owners to work with local school districts in their given market to better the academic lives of students unable to attend Sylvan Learning by their own means. It offers unique, engaging and efficient learning activities designed specifically to address the needs of under-performing students, and the programs are possible through grants.

“We listen to a school’s budget, timeline and student number goals, and from there, we create a proposal for how Ace It! can address the issues that are preventing students from achieving average or above average results,” said Sylvan Learning franchisee Jessica Rollins. Rollins, who oversees ownership at several centers in Michigan, including Lansing, Jackson, Brighton and Flint, said the ability to go into contracted schools has had a positive impact in the communities that each of her centers serves.

“We have trained school teachers through our Ace It! program that have fallen in love with the programs at Sylvan and in turn decided to join our team as educators at our centers,” said Rollins.

With so many programs and a team constantly enhancing its curriculum, Sylvan Learning provides franchisees with several learning programs and tools to ensure the success of their business and—most importantly—the students they serve.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Sylvan Learning, visit http://sylvanfranchise.com/.