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Sylvan Parents Assume Ownership of Local California Center

New franchisees wanted to ensure their children and existing center students will continue personalized learning programs at Sylvan

By Lauren Turner1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 12:12PM 05/03/18

Cyrus and Enna Yanos’ two children – a 1st and 4th grader – have been attending Sylvan Learning in Stockton, California for tutoring after school since 2017. The children are always excited to go, and the parents and children alike enjoy how Sylvan integrates technology into the curriculum and provides the children with something new or different every day.

When the owner of the location was looking to sell, Cyrus didn’t want his children to lose the Sylvan experience that they cherished, and he knew that other parents in the area felt the same way. Cyrus spoke to his wife, Enna, and the two decided to become franchisees of the Stockton territory.

“ I did not want to lose a place for my kids to go to, especially when they were improving at Sylvan. I also did not want to travel 45 minutes to an hour away just to get tutoring services,” Cyrus said.

Cyrus is a full-time nurse and Air Force veteran, which allowed him to receive a discount for veterans to join the franchise system with a waived franchise fee of $24,000. He will be able to manage the center’s operations while remaining a nurse due to each role having different hours. Enna is an occupational therapist, and she plans on cutting back on her hours to handle human resources at the center.

The couple simply didn’t want to see the center close because they knew it brought joy and learning to so many children throughout the area. The Yanos were also drawn to Sylvan because of its 3:1 ration of students to certified teachers, a model that not all education brands enforce. And, if the existing center did end up shutting down for good, the families in the area would have not had an option to attend a center within 30 minutes.

“ We like Sylvan because the instructors are certified teachers, the ratio is one teacher to three students, Sylvan teachers are in contact with the student’s school teachers, and the teachers work together to help the students succeed,” Cyrus said.

The Yanos family is not only focusing on providing local students with Sylvan’s core programs, including reading and math, but the couple also chose to immediately add Sylvan EDGE courses to the location schedule. These courses provide students with the ability to attend coding and robotics courses to further accelerate their learning and set them up for success.

“Cyrus and Enna are off to a strong start as franchisees with our system,” said Georgia Chasen, Senior Director of Franchise Development at Sylvan Learning. “When we’re looking for franchisees that are going to prosper, one thing we have noticed is that parents of students enrolled at a center tend to do extremely well as franchisees. Their children already love our programs, and these parents understand that our courses provide results, while giving them the ability to aid local students perform better in school. This passion for helping students excel while getting to be really involved members in the local community is a match that’s hard to beat.”

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