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Todd Crabtree Forewent the Traditional Career Route to Become a Multi-Unit Franchisee with Sylvan

Crabtree hopes his story inspires more people to look to franchise ownership as a way to continue their business education outside of the classroom.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 09/13/19

Sylvan Learning Center franchisee Todd Crabtree was eight years into a corporate career when he decided to be his own boss. “I had worked for an education company—a competitor of Sylvan—and I decided I really wanted the small business experience,” said Crabtree in an interview with 1851 Franchise Magazine and No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills.

Sylvan offered more flexibility and a better quality of life for Crabtree, including having more time for his family and becoming his child’s soccer coach. “I looked at a lot of the different competitors and the reason why I chose Sylvan is because it was one of the largest brands and had the most to offer our customers,” said Crabtree. “I felt it gave me the best chance at success dealing with all of the different needs in my community.”

Since joining Sylvan in 2006 with once center, Crabtree now oversees six Sylvan Learning Center locations in the Los Angeles area. “I ended up getting to know all of the other franchisees in my community and I had several approach me when they wanted to retire,” said Crabtree. “I couldn’t resist taking over a few more stores. It really was an evolution for me.”

“Instead of taking my investment to get an MBA I purchased a franchise. I wish more people would take the path of business ownership,” Crabtree concluded. 

Watch his full interview with 1851 Franchise above. 

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