Top 5 Reasons Franchisees Love Being Part of the Growing Sylvan Learning Family
Top 5 Reasons Franchisees Love Being Part of the Growing Sylvan Learning Family

The reviews are in: Franchisees love the proven programs, personalized approach, and the personal rewards that come with owning a Sylvan center.

For the last 40 years, Sylvan Learning has positively contributed to communities all over the country and globe by setting young students up for a lifetime of success. With a wide range of tutoring and after-school programs, engaging technology and a honed approach to personalized learning, Sylvan continues to innovate and set the pace for supplemental education.

When a new franchisee joins the Sylvan Learning team, they become part of a group of supportive, passionate individuals dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. Sylvan offers a rewarding opportunity for the thousands of owners in its system—both financially and personally.

Here are the five top reasons why franchisees love being part of the Sylvan Learning family.

1. Sylvan's programs really make a difference.

Sylvan takes a results-based approach to learning. In fact, Sylvan students typically see two-to-three times more growth in math and reading compared to the national average.

“After a student has been enrolled for a bit and their follow-up assessment reveals a 30, 40 or 50 percent jump, that makes us smile and motivates us to keep going,” said Ashish Gandhi, who co-owns a franchise in Reston, Virginia with his wife, Sapna Chordia. “When students are excelling and making such significant progress across the board, it brings satisfaction to the work we do and drives us to get there with all of our students.”

Sylvan large breadth of programming provides resources for an extensive range of academic disciplines. The franchise is even the largest national branded provider of STEM service and college prep courses.

“I enjoy teaching SAT and ACT prep because I love seeing our students improve and the excitement in their eyes when their scores increase. One of the best parts of my job is when scores come out and I get texts and calls from my students and their parents about how proud they are that they accomplished their goals,” said Kent Kolbow, a multi-unit Sylvan franchisee and former tutor in Indiana.

2. That moment when a child's face lights up after realizing they are making progress.

While Sylvan has many markers of success for franchisees and their staff members, truly, nothing beats the experience of seeing a child believe in themselves.

“We usually have students come in for the first time feeling defeated. Their confidence is low and their heads are lowered,” said Scott Lindsey, who now owns several franchise territories in northern Virginia after helping Sylvan open centers in the Middle East. “Once we start working with a student, and when they make a connection, it is priceless to see a child's face light up when they discover that they now know something that they previously didn't.”

“A typical beginner who struggles with reading does not like to read out loud,” he added. “When a mom calls you to let you know their child read to them last night for the first time, you know you did something good!”

3. Sylvan’s personalized approach shows proper care.

Sylvan has set the industry pace for decades, perfecting personalized learning while providing a rare 3-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. Sylvan was one of the first educational brands to leverage technology to better deliver personalized touchpoints to keep children engaged and on course. Moreover, Sylvan has fine-tuned its approach to ongoing assessments, always meeting students exactly where they are.

“As a franchisee, I did thorough research on several different top tutoring franchises before investing into Sylvan,” said Sam Jan, a franchisee in Alabama and Florida. “The more I learned about other franchises and their tutoring programs, the more I started believing in Sylvan’s personalized approach. Most other tutoring franchises may have a great system, but the product philosophy is one fits all—for example, the same curriculum for all 5th graders working in math. As a parent, I was convinced that the personalized approach towards instructions is guaranteed to work for my child, and therefore, all the students who would take Sylvan’s services.”

Many teachers who come to Sylvan as staff members, directors and franchisees say that the brand has reaffirmed why they got into education in the first place. No longer juggling large classes of learners at all levels, their passion is reignited.

“It always helps to have more personal attention,” said Matt Shea, a franchisee in San Luis Obispo, California. “Sylvan is a more personalized approach, rather than having 30 kids in a classroom with one teacher who is trying to get them all to understand the same thing in the same way. I’ve always had a passion for education and helping young people gain the skills they need. I believe that Sylvan’s personalized approach to learning can go a long way in helping students succeed in the classroom and for life.”

4. Sylvan is respected and affordable.

Sylvan is a household name. When families think of supplemental education, Sylvan is the chosen brand—and that benefits franchisees, too.

“As a new franchisee, it has been quite fruitful to promote a business that already has been known and around for so many years,” said Jan. “Most families that walk in have already heard about Sylvan through a family member, friend, colleague or school. More than 30% of our existing families are return students whose parents or older siblings went to Sylvan in the past. This speaks volumes about the service & quality rendered by any business.”

Sylvan Learning prioritizes student success above all, which is why the franchise strives to make services affordable to all who need it.

“Most families run on a limited budget and with economic instability, budgeting in additional tutoring expenses can be taxing,” Jan added. “However, with so many budget-friendly payment plans and options to choose from—prepay and monthly options, financial loans—that makes it more attainable for every family.”

5. Sometimes you are invited to a graduation ceremony that the family never thought would happen.

Sylvan franchisees become integral fixtures in their communities. Their reach is wide, and the families whose lives are changed never forget the difference Sylvan made when they were at their lowest points.

“We hear from some high school parents that their concern is their child is on a path to not graduate. These students have a lot of baggage carried with them into their last years of school,” said Lindsey. “It is so rewarding to receive a graduation invitation for a student that the family previously never thought would happen. It is very worthwhile to watch them walk across that stage and pick up their diploma.”

Susan Valverde, a former franchisee in McAllen, Texas who is now Sylvan Learning’s Chief Franchise Operations Officer, recalled one of the first struggling high school students she enrolled in her center. His graduation is one of the brightest highlights of her career.

“He was on the verge of dropping out, and the counselor was concerned about him. But Sylvan got him back on track. I sat in the front row at his graduation. He even went on to college, something his parents never thought possible. Now, he's a small business owner and is an adjunct professor at a local university. And recently, he brought his young daughter to Sylvan to make sure she starts off on the right track, too. That speaks volumes about how much his experience changed his life. I couldn't be prouder of that.”

For more information about joining the Sylvan Learning family as a franchisee, visit https://sylvanfranchise.com/.