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Why Educators Make Great Franchise Owners With Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning provides an ideal space for passionate educators to refocus their careers on what they really love — teaching.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 10/20/22

With over four decades of proven results and an emphasis on providing personalized learning to its students, there is no wonder many educators look to Sylvan Learning for employment and business ownership. The support and knowledge Sylvan’s franchisee support team brings to the table makes business ownership simple and creates space for educators to devote their time to the educational practices they are so passionate about.

“Sylvan is a great option for educators looking for the next step in their career. Many educators are drawn in by the flexibility of the franchise ownership model and are excited to take control of their future,” explained CEO John McAuliffe. “Educators are a great fit for franchise opportunities because they are truly driven by their passion for continuous learning — a key value here at Sylvan.”

Sylvan Learning does, in fact, emphasize the idea that learning is an ongoing endeavor, and this is true for students and teachers alike. Educators who choose to invest in Sylvan can empower their students with the resources they need to learn and take on the challenge of learning how to “do” business ownership at the same time.

As the education field continues to shift and evolve, grappling with the structural impacts of the pandemic and asking more of educators in their daily work, many educators have chosen to shift to franchise ownership with Sylvan. 

“In an ever-evolving field, teachers are constantly faced with changing expectations and asked to complete work that spans far beyond just educating their students,” McAuliffe added. “Sylvan has created an environment where educators can refocus their attention to teaching and building relationships with their students, which is often why they originally pursued the profession.”

“I was not teaching as much because of all the extra stuff teachers are asked to do now… I felt like I was a keyboard warrior typing out IEPs and behavior plans and going to meetings,” said Jason Blanshine, a current Sylvan Learning franchise owner. “Now, I’m able to help more students than just those in my class every year as a public school educator.”

Blanshine explained that, because he worked in the same public school district for so long, he was able to build strong relationships with other teachers and the families of the community. Now, because he operates his Sylvan center in the same district, he can maintain those relationships to stay connected with the public schools and provide the absolute best support to his students.

Better yet, his background as an educator provided an additional confidence boost as he worked to navigate the newness of business ownership.

“I can always jump in on the floor and teach if a teacher is out or there’s some sort of emergency. There’s not even a second thought for me to just go and sit at a table and jump right in,” he said. “Since I have that teaching background, I felt more comfortable being in an environment of learning, and it was really just the business side of things that I had to learn.”

“There are a lot of teachers in Sylvan businesses. To me, it’s the perfect blend of being able to make an important, impactful educational change for a family and the personal professional challenge of developing a business,” explained Audra Bohn, a Sylvan franchise owner. “Teaching comes naturally to us, so building a business becomes the professional challenge, and Sylvan makes it even easier. I think it’s a great opportunity for teachers to do what they love without some of the frustrations of the larger school systems.”

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