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Why I Send My Kids to Sylvan: Sylvan Learning’s CMO is the Franchise’s Biggest Advocate

Sylvan Learning’s Chief Marketing Officer Amy Przywara says that sending her three children to Sylvan has made her belief in the brand that much stronger.

Amy Przywara, chief marketing officer of Sylvan Learning, has been a part of the industry-leading supplemental and enrichment learning team since 2002. When her oldest child was in kindergarten and her twins were in pre-K, Przywara enrolled all three of them in Sylvan Learning’s reading program and has been advocating for the brand beyond her role with the company ever since.

“I’m really lucky to say that this is my life — I’m experiencing the benefits of the brand with my kids,” said Przywara. “When you use something and you advocate for it, the sentiment is that much more authentic. Sylvan makes me feel like the mom, not just someone who works to market the brand. I use a lot of photos of happy kids in my marketing campaigns, but I’ve seen the results firsthand — the kids really are that excited about their experience at Sylvan.

For Przywara, it’s her daughter Ellie who’s benefited from Sylvan’s services the most. 

“I get really emotional when I talk about Ellie. For her twin brother, school’s always been easier. I was worried she was going to be held back, but Sylvan’s been able to help her with personalized teaching,” Przywara said. “She went from being behind to being back on track. She’s made great strides and now she’s above grade level in math.” 

Ellie, who is now 10 years old, and is now in the fifth-grade, said she’s always really enjoyed going to Sylvan and that the centers have helped her feel more comfortable and confident in her school work. 

“Sylvan’s helped me get better at reading,” Ellie said. “I’ve gone to Sylvan for math before, too. They taught me different ways to think about multiplication and division. At first I wouldn’t get that many questions right, but once I got the hang of it, I started feeling better.”

Przywara’s other two children have also benefited tremendously from the program. Przywara says that it’s more of an educational-enrichment experience that helps prep her kids for standardized tests and college.

“I always share my kids’ story with parents who might not consider sending their kids to Sylvan because they’re not struggling in school. Having that extra little bit of enrichment to compliment their everyday school work really does have an added benefit,” Przywara said. 

Outside of her role with the brand, Przywara advocates for Sylvan among her peers, saying it's the best way to directly reach her target audience. In fact, she says that it can be the best tool for franchisees to grow their clientele as well. 

“We’re trying to help franchisees be the marketers to partners in their local communities. Be the face of Sylvan, but be yourself,” she said. “I’m the active president of a parent association and on the sidelines at soccer games. Peers are my global target, and it’s easy to see my work in action. I’m always excited to be able to encourage my friends and acquaintances to provide an enriching experience for their kids.” 

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