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Why Veterans Are Thriving as Sylvan Learning Franchisees

Many Veterans are joining the education franchise, leveraging the brand’s accommodating business model to make a difference in their communities.

By Derek Stephens1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 11/29/22

There are plenty of reasons why Veterans are becoming franchisees with Sylvan Learning, the leading provider of personalized education for K–12 students. For one, franchisors often emphasize the value of a franchisee having a military background because, in franchising, a brand’s playbook and business model are well established. This aligns with how the military operates, and Veterans are particularly familiar with following stringent procedures to achieve successful outcomes.

“I retired from the Marine Corps after 22 years of service,” said franchisee Clarence Thomas, who owns a Sylvan Learning center with his wife, Renitta. “One thing we always emphasized is attention to detail. We’re new to franchising, and how Sylvan has guided us far, I can associate that with how we do business in the military.”

The supplemental education brand offers proven results for students, an expansive reach for educators and an in-demand service in a crucial industry. Veterans are embracing the brand’s business model to continue serving their communities after their military service, and at Sylvan Learning, the emotional and financial return on investment is high.

“I was able to look at Sylvan Learning from two different lenses: as a parent and as an educator,” said Renitta Thomas. “I see benefits from Sylvan on both platforms, from a business standpoint and as an educator.”

“This is exactly along the lines of what we want,” added Clarence Thomas. “We love supporting families and what the brand is doing from an education standpoint.”

Because Sylvan offers comprehensive training and support, franchise owners don’t need extensive experience in the education industry to own and operate a Learning Center. From the franchisor’s perspective, military Veterans have many of the traits and qualifications necessary to become franchisees: discipline, commitment, loyalty, perseverance and the desire to serve a greater purpose.

“As a business owner, military experience is a plus,” said Clarence Thomas. “The tangible and intangible qualities people receive from the military play a major role in their business success. Having a military background gives me the confidence to pursue this.”

Sylvan’s proven methods have been shown to deliver up to three times more academic growth compared to students who are not enrolled at Sylvan. For Veterans looking to make a significant positive impact after leaving the military, few franchise brands offer as much value as Sylvan Learning.

The education brand is now expanding nationwide, specifically focusing on territories in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

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