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BoConcept Continues to Create Inspiring Designs with New Modular Outdoor Collection

Designer Henrik Pedersen talks about the inspiration behind the new Rome Collection

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 10:10AM 04/11/18

Designing furniture with a multifunctional purpose is one of the key strategies to BoConcept’s success. With roots in Europe, this style resonated with consumers in areas where smaller housing options were typically available. But as metropolitan cities in the U.S. become denser and living space decreases, BoConcept has found a way to reach new consumers to become a global phenomenon. The modern, sleek designs have crossed international waters – reaching coastal cities across California to northeastern cities like Boston and New York.

The brand has become famous in the U.S. for its modular furniture, conceptualized by BoConcept’s contributing designer Henrik Pedersen. And in order to stay ahead of competitors by offering consumers something new and unique, the brand recently launched an outdoor version of this popular design, the Rome Outdoor Collection.

“While BoConcept has produced exterior work in the past, the brand came to me with a vision of creating a line that would appeal to any type of customer no matter where they live,” said Pedersen.

In order to achieve this goal, the brand needed to create a design where all of the pieces were small and symmetrical - shaped almost like building blocks so they could be mixed and matched. BoConcept believed this would give the consumer full customization over the type of style and fit they wanted for their outdoor living space.

“The great thing about this line is that customers can start off small and build on to their designs as they please,” noted Pedersen. “It is totally possible for someone to buy two small pieces at a very reasonable price and then a few months later buy more to add to the design.”

Aside from creating a furniture line that works with most square footage, Pedersen also incorporated modern design into the new pieces which, at its core, is all about simplicity. The collection is anthracite which gives homeowners a modern, clean slate to add their own style. The furniture is also built from just a few materials including aluminum to ensure its durable in all weather conditions.

“I decided to use these basic and raw materials to make a clear difference between the indoor and outdoor furniture,” said Pedersen. “I find that the most important part of designing furniture, especially in today’s society, is to be honest. Many people are worried about using different or cheaper material, but I think it’s okay as long as you are honest about it. Don’t paint over something to make it look like a different material – stay true to yourself and be honest with what you create.”

BoConcept officially launched the collection in March of 2018 and Pedersen already hopes to expand the line to offer even more modular furniture to customers around the globe. BoConcept is currently developing throughout the Southeast and along the West Coast and looks forward to bringing this collection and their other fabulous new products to markets nationwide.

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