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Momentum Growing: Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in a BoConcept Franchise

The Global Furniture Franchise with Locations in 60 Countries Has Major Expansion Plans for the U.S. as it Opens a New Flagship Location in NYC

By Jill Walsh
SPONSORED 3:15PM 10/18/17

Founded in Denmark 65 years ago, BoConcept has become a global leader in the design of bold, stylish furniture, differentiating itself by offering premium quality and modern designs while elevating spaces to achieve their full potential. BoConcept’s high-quality craftsmanship furniture has dominated in markets across Europe and Asia, and the brand now has its sights squarely set on a massive North American expansion.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the progressive Danish design heritage that we have spent decades perfecting to new cities across the country,” said Steen Knigge, Director of U.S. Marketing for BoConcept. “As we grow, our goal will remain the same: to create elegant, sophisticated designs, customized for each of our customers’ unique needs.”

With nearly 300 locations in 60 countries around the globe, BoConcept shows no signs of slowing down as it is aggressively pushing for new market share across the country, opening the door for new owners to join its growing system. Below are five strong reasons why prospective franchisees should pay this brand extra attention:

1. Strong International Foundation

BoConcept first broke into furniture innovation in 1952 when two Danish craftsmen built the first of many influential pieces. BoConcept’s first brand store opened in Paris, France in 1993, with franchised locations quickly following. With BoConcept’s continuous commitment to advance modern design elements that elevate interior spaces, the global furniture franchise continues to experience rapid success across Europe and beyond, with plans to replicate the rapid expansion it’s seen on other continents in North America.

2. Room for Growth in the United States

With successful operations internationally, BoConcept made its debut in the U.S. in 2002 in New Jersey, taking its global business to the next level. As sales increase amid a recovering global economy, the demand for furniture continues to grow. BoConcept continues to expand its success in major metro areas like Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle and San Francisco, and is preparing for new openings in markets like New York City and Atlanta to close 2017.

3. Increase in the Popularity of Hygge in the U.S.

The Scandinavian idea of space enjoyment, known as hygge (the Danish word for cozy), has become extremely popular across the U.S. in 2017. BoConcept’s furniture incorporates the elements of hygge across a wide spectrum of offerings, using things like cushions, blankets and soft lighting to create a warm, inviting and comforting atmosphere, appealing to a wide-range of customers searching for the perfect fit for their space.

4. Limited Competition in the Space

BoConcept’s unique focus on interior design allows customers the opportunity to fully furnish their entire house, including accessories, whereas most brands have a particular focal point. BoConcept also employs talented interior designers whose goal is to help shape a customer’s space into an inviting space, achieving its full potential.

5. Customer Service and Expert Consulting

With decades of success under its belt, BoConcept prides itself on unprecedented customer service and consulting experience, from design planning to personalized, custom creations.

“BoConcept represents a mindset for modern and sophisticated living elements, said Knigge. “Together with strong, motivated franchise partners, the future is bright as we work to achieve our goal of becoming the unquestioned global leader in modern furniture.”

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