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ecomaids Listed as One of 2020’s Hottest Franchises as Cleaning Industry Grows in Popularity

The global pandemic has sparked interest in business ownership, specifically within the cleaning industry.

Cleaning has never been so trendy. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, more and more people have been prioritizing increased precautions when it comes to health, sanitation and cleaning. This means that those looking to take the leap into business ownership within the cleaning industry are being met with more demand than ever before.

According to Aspioneerecomaids has been listed as one of 2020’s hottest franchises, proving that businesses in the cleaning and sanitation services are expected to experience growth this year and beyond. That’s especially true for ecomaids, which goes a step further in its business model by focusing only on eco-friendly cleaning services.

“Cleaning thoroughly is a baseline expectation, and for us, cleaning without unnecessary toxins and perfumes is also baseline,” ecomaids CEO Lindsay Dellasega told Aspioneer. “We focus on the experience — our clients need to feel good about coming home to not only a thoroughly cleaned home without irritating inconsistencies, but also feel good about their choice to value time and health and about the company and the people they entrust to help them with this value.”

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