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ecomaids Prepares for Growth as Demand for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services and Products Climbs

The brand’s personal connection to the communities it serves ensures a level of quality that can’t be found through competing tech-based companies.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 12/11/19

There’s no shortage of services trying to make a name for themselves in the home cleaning industry. From large, corporate companies to independent contractors, more and more brands are trying to capitalize on the growing demand for top quality cleaning services. But even as the industry continues to become more popular, it’s clear that not all brands are adhering to the same standard of excellence as others. That’s why ecomaids continues to stand out from the competition.

With locations in Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, ecomaids is paving the way when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning services. The brand only uses non-toxic products, ultimately making it easier for their customers to take care of their families. However, ecomaids’ commitment to eliminating harmful toxins from the cleaning process isn’t the only thing that is fueling its success across the nation.

Because ecomaids locations are all locally owned and operated, the brand brings a level of understanding about the community to the table that’s otherwise missing. While tech companies match people with cleaning services or maids without any background information, the team behind ecomaids creates a strong relationship both with the local communities it serves and the families who live in them.

“We’ve seen so many consumers get burned by cleaning services and maids that they’ve found on sites like TaskRabbit. That’s why we go above and beyond to maintain our strong ties to the communities we live and work in—we’re 100% committed to providing our customers with the best possible service,” said former franchisee and now-CEO of ecomaids, Lindsay Dellasega. “ecomaids is all about being transparent with the products that we’re using when cleaning people’s homes, and we run our business the same way. We’re a true local brand.”

Recognizing that demand for eco-friendly cleaning services is on the rise, the brand makes it easier for busy consumers to enhance their families’ safety and health through its products and services, positioning ecomaids as the local business to beat.

“Simply put, we’re experts in eco-friendly cleaning. Every one of our products is designed to be safe for children, pets and families, and is both plant-based and non-toxic. By sticking to those environmentally conscious products while cleaning, we’re ultimately working to enhance the quality of life for our customers,” said Dellasega. “There isn’t another brand out there that can combine our hyper-local feel with our expertise in the eco-friendly cleaning field.”

With thousands of families relying on the brand to help make their homes both cleaner and safer, ecomaids is only expecting to expand its reach. Plus, with the backing of new home services parent company Happinest, ecomaids is well-positioned for accelerated growth in 2020 any beyond.

“As more people discover all that ecomaids has to offer, we’re looking forward to working with even more families to make their homes as clean and safe as possible," said Happinest CEO Scott Frith. "Business is already booming, and we’re confident that this trend will continue as we continue to grow. As environmental consciousness rises in prominence across the nation, there’s no limit to our growth potential. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of our position as innovators and industry leaders going forward.”

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