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Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park Infuses Military Background into Franchise System

Park has leveraged some of the key skills and values developed in the Air Force in growing the booming flooring franchise, and he encourages franchisees to do the same.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
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Footprints Floors, the 160-plus-territory flooring franchise, has a simple business model. This, by no means, detracts from the value of the business — it has shown impressive year-over-year growth and continues to expand with happy franchisees and customers alike. Founder and CEO Bryan Park, however, has made it very clear that one of the key drivers of Footprints Floors’ success is actually quite simple. Much of the positive experience franchisees have with the franchisor and customers have with their own local owners boils down to a simple motto: “Do what you say, say what you do.”

“We talk about a one-to-one say to do ratio,” explained Park. “If you say you’re going to do it, then do it. There are two components to achieving this. Make sure you’re setting reasonable expectations upfront, and be sure to communicate with the customer ahead of time if, for some reason, you won’t be able to reach that goal.”

The idea of doing what he said he was going to has been a constant in Park’s life. When he joined the Air Force at just 18, he had to adapt quickly, getting adjusted to new living circumstances and expectations while training and learning new tactical skills. When his first civilian job post-service began to go downhill, he had to find a new solution. And, when he launched Footprints Floors as a brand new business, he had to make it work. Park had committed to himself, his pregnant wife and young child, and he was going to find a way.

“The biggest lesson I learned from service is how to persevere. We did difficult things in the military between basic training, survival training and Air Force Academy classes,” said Park. “It’s difficult to be in an active duty military role, and looking back on some of those hard days makes my current hard days fade away. They’re not that hard. There’s a confidence, strength, perseverance and moral fiber that comes from having done hard things in the past, and having already done those hard things allows me to better manage the difficult or seemingly overwhelming aspects of business ownership that I experience now.”

Park’s time in the Air Force certainly built some toughness and an ability to persist, and looking back on the time, he recognizes just how adaptable he was in those moments.

“Everything I was doing was normal. We were all doing it,” explained Park. “This was a challenge; it was what I needed to overcome in order to get to where I wanted to go. We were all living on two hours of sleep, doing push ups, running miles upon miles and getting screamed at as we did it. We just trusted that there would be a benefit on the other side, whether it was professionally or personally. We all knew that hard work leads to good things.”

“If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It”

Whether it’s business ownership or military service, the simple existence of a positive outcome doesn’t guarantee that everyone will, or even can, pursue the opportunity.

“In the Air Force, I’m doing something that not everyone is willing or able to do,” said Park. “I think that applies directly to being a business owner, too. Being in Corporate America is easy. You have this guaranteed salary and security, though it’s a fleeting sense of security. Jumping off and doing something that not everybody is willing to do, becoming an entrepreneur, is taking on a challenge and a risk. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But you shouldn’t just do something because it’s easy.”

As he has expanded the business for himself and in partnership with local franchisees, Park has made a concentrated effort to bring owners into the system who are willing to commit to both Footprints Floors and themselves to find long-term success. Rather than entering the venture with an exit strategy, Park encourages owners to avoid backing away from a challenge and instead view the new venture as something they simply cannot fail at.

For veterans looking to join the system or civilians interested in investing in a veteran-centric franchise, Footprints Floors can be a great fit. Because Park has carried the dedication and perseverance required of him in the Air Force throughout his entire life, they are naturally incorporated into both the expectations and systems of the franchise network.

“The military taught me how to be responsible for myself and my family and to just get things done — not make excuses,” added Park. “That same function is here in Footprints Floors. If an adult has these skills, I can teach them what they need to know about flooring, and that’s our key differentiator. These skills can’t be taught, so when a franchisee can bring that to the table, they’re already set up for success.”

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