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From $40K in Debt to CEO: How Footprints Floors' Bryan Park Built a Thriving Recession-Proof Brand

The executive has established a concept that is ready to weather any economic storm.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 10/13/22

Bryan Park knows a thing or two about surviving periods of economic strife. 

Almost two decades ago, the Veteran was dealing with credit card debts totaling $40,000 and was living with his pregnant wife, toddler and four pets in a home that was far too small for the bunch. He needed to make a change, so, despite the 2008 recession, he decided to start his own flooring company.

Today, Footprints Floors has grown to become a multi-state franchise with over 150 territories served. Park grew the business from the ground up and survived the 2008 recession and the pandemic (during which the brand sold 64 franchises). He is confident that the company will remain strong despite economic interference.

Park carefully designed Footprints Floors’ model to be resilient and flexible from the start. The brand does not require a brick-and-mortar shop or any employees, and it has very little overhead. This allows for a low initial investment and a quick path to high ROI for franchisees. 

The franchise has also continued to grow rapidly, booming to over 150 franchise locations nationwide. And the company plans to keep expanding, regardless of the economy. 

"We built a hurricane-proof house 15 years ago, and we are ready to weather the storm," Park says of his business.

With many economists discussing an inevitable recession coming within the next few months, it's understandable that many people and business owners are worried about their financial well-being. While it’s true that an economic downturn can negatively impact some businesses, others have shown that they can remain stable and profitable despite even the most turbulent conditions.

Property owners will always need flooring services. Even if they are hit by the recession, the need for repairs and replacements around the home doesn’t stop — it’s a necessary expense. In fact, flooring sales are actually up. A Floor Covering News article from earlier this month shows that several brands are doing well this year and expect a busy fall season. 

Footprints Floors has also been experiencing that growth. The company has signed 12 franchisees representing 18 territories and has had a 25% increase in estimates so far this year compared to last year. Multiple franchisees have hit personal bests in 2022, and a number of owners are on track to hit seven figures in revenue by year’s end. 

“We have seen multiple times that when push comes to shove and the economy falls, Footprints Floors does not falter,” Park said. “Our projections for business remain strong, and we have total confidence in this concept to continue to bring franchisees success.”

The startup costs for a Footprints Floors franchise range from $78,505 to $113,030, which includes a franchise fee of $69,480 for a single territory. To learn more about franchising with Footprints Floors, visit


Upon his return to Littleton, Colorado, after serving in the U.S. Air Force, Bryan Park noticed that Denver’s flooring industry lacked a higher level of customer service and sophistication. So, in 2008, he founded Footprints Floors, which today specializes in installing hardwood floors, carpet, tile floors, backsplashes and laminates. With more than 100 territories, Footprints Floors offers franchisees a robust support system, including a call center, flexible hours for work-life balance and a low cost of entry with outstanding economics.

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