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How Grégoire Continues to See Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

The concept attributes its success to its focus on innovation, franchisee support and community involvement.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSORED 4:16PM 02/15/23

Grégoire, a restaurant concept that blends fine dining-style food with carry-out service, has seen significant growth recently, reaching $1.54 million in sales in 2022. 

The brand has continued to see momentum year-over-year, with revenue growing from $1.18 million in 2019 to $1.38 million in 2021. Since Grégoire has just begun franchising, new owners have the opportunity to be early investors of the carefully constructed concept that has brought owner and chef Grégoire Jacquet immense success since 2002.

“I have built a business model that both customers and business owners can rely on, and I want to share it with others. Franchising is the best way to do that, I believe,” Jacquet said. “As the brand is in its initial stages, the first owners will have the unique chance to be a part of something that is destined to grow and to watch that success from the very beginning.”

The achievements that Grégoire is seeing are the product of factors such as innovative technology, constant support and a community-driven approach. 

Pivoting Focus and Ongoing Innovation

Recently, Grégoire started re-focusing its efforts on catering as people return to normal post-pandemic. 

“Because of our model and the way we are built, the pandemic didn't really hurt us,” said Jacquet. “We lost a lot of catering, but we gained more walk-ins and takeout orders, which grew our customer base immensely. Those people continue to come back time and time again, which adds revenue back to the business.”  

The brand’s rewards program has also been popular with customers. Jacquet noted that this continues to bring customers back to redeem rewards. Additionally, the restaurant recently changed its app to make it more customer-friendly, which led to an increase in users. Across all Grégoires, customers are able to order pickup and delivery through the app, while the brand also partnered with DoorDash for third-party delivery. 

“You always have to keep up with the technology that becomes available to you,” Jacquet said. “There’s always something faster, easier to use and more innovative. We always get on top of that.” 

Setting Employees Up for Success

For Grégoire, the level of success it has seen starts with quality training and support. 

“Everyday I am amazed that I can leave my business to run itself,” Jacquet expressed. “To not have to go in everyday and know that my team is doing such a great job keeping the quality and the customer happy is the biggest achievement year after year. Having a team that is set up for success helps me focus on making the business better from behind the scenes.” 

One example of this is how the brand uses culinary hubs as central kitchens to handle prep work and delivery to each location. This takes a massive amount of work off in terms of operations because there is less overhead for the operations they are responsible for. 

“Everything has been designed for quality control and to make things easy for owners. The level of support we offer is unmatched — more than any other brand,” said Jacquet. “You have to train your franchisee so that they feel comfortable to run the business the way we want them to run it. Then, support them and always be there when they have a question and be able to help them every step of the way. My employees now know that if they need anything, they can reach out.”

An Emphasis on Community

For Jacquet, opening his first store in an area close by was key. “When you run a business you have to understand your customer,” he said. “The only way to do that is to focus on your neighborhood. I was the face of the brand and I was really in touch with my customer. I knew their orders before they talked. It's a nice feeling to have a business where everyone knows you and you know everyone. I want the franchisees to feel the same.” 

As a result of Grégoire’s emphasis on customer service and connecting to the community it serves, the brand has established a name for itself and a devout following over the years. That’s why Grégoire is targeting franchisees who are able to build a business in their neighborhood. 

“It's your responsibility to make sure the customer is well taken care of,” Jacquet added. “Customer service isn't something you learn, it's something you are.”

The cost to open a Grégoire franchise ranges from $298,924 to $420,100. For more information on franchising with Grégoire, visit

About Grégoire:

French-trained chef Grégoire Jacquet had a vision of a local restaurant offering quality fine dining-style food with the convenience of a quick carry-out experience. In 2002, Grégoire opened its doors as the first fine-fast-casual restaurant concept that serves gourmet sandwich and salad dishes, its famous potato puffs and scratch-daily fresh-made french fries, all served in a custom-designed take-out box. After two decades of serving the local Berkley, CA community, Grégoire has launched franchising opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.