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HomeTeam Hosts Next Level 2024 Franchisee Summit Focused on Collaboration and Growth

From incorporating new technology to working side-by-side with other franchisees, HomeTeam's 2024 summit was driven by an emphasis on using collaboration to drive growth.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 03/05/24

HomeTeam Inspection Service, the home inspection franchise with over 200 active territories nationwide, kicked off the year with its franchisee summit, offering the entire system an opportunity to reconnect, celebrate the successes of 2023 and prepare for the challenges of 2024. As the industry evolves, HomeTeam continues to adapt and grow, but the summit reinforced the values at the heart of the HomeTeam model: relationship and service.

“We are always working to build the strongest businesses possible and equip our franchisees to provide the highest quality service,” said Adam Long, president of HomeTeam. “Everything we discussed at the summit centered on how franchisees can leverage advancements in line with our values.”

The HomeTeam system gathered in Jacksonville, Florida on February 1-3 for mastermind sessions, breakout groups and education from subject matter experts before rounding the event out with a gala and awards ceremony.

A Look at the Year’s Trends Prepared Franchisees for Upcoming Growth

One of the major trends expected in 2024 is the growth of technology in the home inspection space. While recent developments have left some professional spheres questioning if or when technology will entirely replace people, HomeTeam knows that this just isn’t feasible.

“This year is bound to bring an increased focus on technology and the role it plays in our business, but our focus is leveraging these resources in addition to our teams — rather than trying to replace people with technology — to enhance the entire experience,” said Long. “HomeTeam has always leveraged technology in its processes, but no matter how advanced the tools get, we will always need our people. We’re known for the quality relationships built through the home inspection process, and that’s something only our inspectors can do.”

HomeTeam pairs a robust technology stack with a wide range of services, allowing its franchisees and team members to deliver efficient, thorough service and easy-to-understand reporting while building relationships with real estate agents and their clients. As technology continues to evolve, the leadership team is committed to further streamlining HomeTeam’s operations and preparing owners to deliver an even better customer experience.

“We continue to focus on the ways we can integrate technology without replacing human interaction,” added Long. “Our goal is to enhance each aspect of the experience, allowing our teams to make lasting relationships with their customers.”

These advancements will be especially important as the real estate market begins to turn around. After several years of uncertainty, key statistics are indicating a bright future for real estate, and HomeTeam owners should expect to follow a similar trajectory.

In his keynote speech, Long shared that mortgage rates are trending down and both inventory and sales are looking up compared to 2023. This is an ideal scenario for both buyers and sellers. When existing homeowners are able to purchase a new home without significantly increasing their rate, they are more likely to do so, and this movement increases availability for new buyers. The entire cycle boosts the number of real estate transactions and, by extension, the need for home inspections.

After a discussion of what’s to come in 2024, the network discussed additional information and tools to further prepare franchisees for another great year.

Franchisees and System Leaders Collaborate to Learn About Tech, SEO and Other Strategy

This year, HomeTeam focused intently on increasing the collaborative nature of the summit, spending more time on breakout and mastermind sessions, encouraging idea sharing and grouping franchisees based on their current stage of business. This strategy allowed owners to make the most of each session by working alongside other entrepreneurs with similar pain points and growth opportunities.

“Our entire system is incredibly inclusive, welcoming and supportive, and the 2024 summit only solidified this further,” said Long. “All of the franchisees were welcoming to their fellow business owners and eager to help one another, and this just made each session that much more impactful.”

HomeTeam's summit featured sessions on a range of diverse topics, including the resources offered by its tech partners, its strategic partnerships and growth initiatives for 2024, SEO practices and strategies for creating a well-rounded business. In addition, HomeTeam allocated time in the schedule for collaborative events like mastermind panels and roundtable discussions.

To round out the summit, the HomeTeam network gathered to reflect on the successes of 2023 and celebrate top-performing owners. Brad Lawler, the owner of HomeTeam of Kentuckiana and winner of this year’s Franchise of the Year award, was recognized for the highest revenue and most inspections completed during 2023. As Lawler reflected on this accomplishment, he noted his continued success in the inspection industry despite a somewhat uncertain real estate market in 2023 and shared a sentiment that perfectly summed up the HomeTeam mission and focus of the 2024 summit.

“We have several team members celebrating major anniversaries, including Jason O’Leary, who will be celebrating his 10th year with us this April, and Bethany Myers, who will be celebrating her ninth anniversary with us this April,” said Lawler. “Basically, we started winning the National Team of the Year awards once Jason and Bethany came on board! We’re going to continue to grow, and I think the key driver is the reputation we’ve built and the strength of the team.”

This year, as the HomeTeam system continues to grow, the franchise is looking to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who look forward to embracing the team model and serving their communities as it targets expansion in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and many other states.

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