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HomeTeam Inspection Service Welcomes Franchisees of All Backgrounds

The home inspection franchise includes extensive training in its onboarding process, so franchisees can join the brand and succeed regardless of prior real estate experience.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 08/09/22

HomeTeam Inspection Service, the 200-plus unit home inspection franchise built on a foundation of teamwork, is expanding and welcoming franchisees from various backgrounds. The brand offers both practical and technical training, ensuring that a new franchisee’s onboarding process covers everything they need to know to operate their HomeTeam territory successfully.

“We have an industry-leading training program, and we’re able to ensure that all of our new owners are fully prepared and able to both run their business and inspect a home the day they open their doors,” explained Adam Long, president of HomeTeam. “Our training and education processes, as well as our support systems, help us give franchisees whatever they need to find success, regardless of their background or previous experience.”

While real estate experience can be useful, HomeTeam is committed to supporting its customers through the entire home inspection process; and a strong work ethic, commitment to service, passion for the business, experience in sales, and an eagerness to succeed are far more important attributes for prospective franchisees.

“I had 42 years worth of experience in service, so that was the easy part,” explained Vernon Jones, HomeTeam franchisee, military Veteran and firefighter.

Jones held a leadership position in the military for 22 years before retiring. He explained that this role taught him how to lead and gave him the skills necessary to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Then, as a firefighter, Jones became intimately familiar with structures, how they should and shouldn’t look or work, and some things that can lead to safety issues.

Another franchisee, Mike Burton, explained that he was in the corporate world before approaching franchising. After spending his entire career in the automobile industry, working in various engineering and executive roles, reorganization within his corporation led Burton to search for new opportunities.

“Immediately, as I was looking to see if I could continue what I had been doing for 36 years, I also knew that I had to have a plan B, and so I kind of happened upon franchising through a virtual franchise expo,” he explained.

Burton added that, after a long career in the corporate world, he had no strong preconceived notions about franchising, nor had he been heavily involved in real estate in the past. 

“But I’m not afraid to work,” Burton said. “In the corporate world, I had jobs that required me to work many hours, so I’m used to that. It makes even more sense for me to do that when I’m the primary benefit of all that work versus the corporation.”

For both franchise owners, HomeTeam provided the necessary training and support to supplement their existing skills, allowing them to leverage the strong work ethic, leadership skills and passion for the business that already existed within them.

“They’re patient, and they’re understanding, and if they don’t know, they’ll tell you they don’t know, but they actually help you research and get to the point where you have the answer you’re looking for,” Jones explained.

Burton explained that, for people who haven’t run a business before, the support and learning models at HomeTeam can help new entrepreneurs do that. “As long as you embrace it, you can be successful,” he said.

HomeTeam does not require a background in real estate or home inspections as its leadership is well aware of the power of its support systems. Although a home inspection course can be taken independently, it’s the combination of that technical knowledge, the expertise, tools and systems within the HomeTeam brand, and the drive within the franchisee that has allowed HomeTeam to see so much success in supporting franchisees with unique backgrounds.

“Of course, if you took the home inspector course on your own, you’re pretty much prepared to be an inspector if you’re confident enough,” Jones said. “HomeTeam doesn’t just give you the course; HomeTeam gives you the tools to be a successful business owner — HomeTeam is the glue that holds all of the pieces together.”

The initial investment range to open a HomeTeam Inspection franchise is $50,100 to $76,800. For more information, visit