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How the Age of HomeTeam Inspection Service Strengthens Its Franchise Network

As a decades-old brand, HomeTeam has established its brand identity, strong processes and a robust support system.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 11:11AM 02/15/23

HomeTeam Inspection Service, the 200-plus unit home inspection concept, has been honing its systems for over three decades. For new and existing franchisees, this creates an environment of expertise and support that propels each individual business forward.

“We recently celebrated 30 years of franchising,” said Adam Long, president of HomeTeam. “In 2015, we began a sort of refocusing where we looked to strengthen and enlarge the company. With this, we put a lot of energy into bringing new owners into an even stronger franchise model. The benefits are clear, as we’ve had multiple franchisees surpass long-held inspection and revenue records in the last few years.”

Three decades of history combined with multiple huge successes in recent years is proof that the strength of the concept continues to trend upwards.

The brand’s strong support network is a key differentiator. Franchisees are able to find support from the HomeTeam corporate team as well as their fellow business owners. 

“The type and amount of support our owners receive is really what sets HomeTeam apart,” explained Buddy Stark, VP of franchise operations. “We look at the relationship as a partnership; these people are our franchise partners. We don’t leave anyone behind, and we’re always ready to get on the phone with a franchisee and figure out how to overcome an obstacle together.”

“Other franchisees are always willing to help us,” explained Guilherme Fujisawa, a newly opened Florida-based franchisee. “There are multiple franchisees that we are in touch with, and every time we send a message or have a question, we know they’ll call us back. They’re willing to help us out with so many things — it’s pretty cool.”

In addition to a caring network of businesspeople, HomeTeam offers training and support reflective of a well-established concept. As soon as a franchisee signs with HomeTeam, they receive guidance and support to navigate the various training and certification processes required by their state.

Owners attend a three-day training to learn more about marketing, operations, HomeTeam’s scheduling processes and inspection software. Shortly after, new owners are matched with established owners to ride along for several days of inspections and marketing.

HomeTeam also conducts a sales boot camp. In the home inspection business, expertise is necessary, but connections are just as crucial. Owners receive pointers on how to connect with real estate agents, practice their presentation skills and learn more about communicating the value of HomeTeam.

“As an established brand, we have the best of both worlds,” Stark added. “Owners have access to a network of passionate, supportive colleagues, and our decades of experience have honed the training and support that comes from the corporate team. With this, owners’ opportunities for growth with the brand are strengthened, and our network only continues to expand.”

Looking into 2023, HomeTeam plans to grow with qualified franchisees in Phoenix, San Antonio, Seattle, Northern Virginia, Las Vegas and more. With continued interest, the concept is certainly on track to reach these goals, bringing the team model to even more communities nationwide.

The initial investment range to open a HomeTeam Inspection franchise is $50,100 to $76,800. For more information, visit