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How This Father/Son Franchisee Duo Has Been Successful with HomeTeam

Maurie Blick opened his HomeTeam Inspection Service business nearly 20 years ago, and now his son Justin is a crucial player in the business, too.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
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HomeTeam Inspection Service, the over-200-unit home inspection concept that leverages a team model for a quicker, more efficient service, presents an appealing business for many franchisees. Due to its team model specifically, locations are often started by a family, with multiple members contributing to the inspection process and the longer-term growth trajectory of the business. Maurie and Justin Blick, a father/son duo in Topeka, Kansas, are prime examples of how the HomeTeam model contributes to intergenerational success. 

“I have a background in electrical construction. I had an electrical contracting business for about 25 years, and all three of my sons worked in that business intermittently,” Maurie explained. “The electrical business faded over time, and I bought the HomeTeam franchise in 2004. That was an interesting start…We got a pretty good leg up, and then went through that recession in 2008. My oldest son worked with me in the earliest stage of the business, and my other two sons have been involved over the past 10 years.”

While Maurie’s oldest and youngest sons have both moved on to other interests, his middle son, Justin, has a background in electrical construction and has always shown an interest in the HomeTeam business.

“He has always had a keen interest in the inspection business,” Maurie said. “He continues with me today, and he is positioning himself to assume an ownership interest.”

The Family’s Path to HomeTeam

Maurie explained that he learned of franchising after a friend in a similar industry found his way to franchising and was “just absolutely sky-high enthusiastic about his experience as a franchisee.” With this in mind, Maurie began researching and quickly found his way to the home inspection business.

“The construction business is very physical and difficult to transition out of,” he said. “One thing that stood out to me about the idea of franchising was that you create a very marketable and sellable business.”

After purchasing the territory and implementing the franchise system, the franchisee is able to build a business that sustains them and use that work until they are ready to transition out, Maurie explained.

“As you develop a franchise, you have something that you can put on the market and sell. That was a very attractive element to me,” he added. “Plus, you have the benefits of a corporate backer — marketing expertise, legal and business management resources.”

At the start of the business, Maurie says he had an interest in the possibility that the entire family would work in the business.

“Ideally, all three of my sons would have found different elements of the business that they really enjoyed and continued to be engaged in it,” he said. “With your children, you want them to find their very best opportunities in life and be successful and happy at it. In this case, I think HomeTeam was the right fit for Justin, and it’s just such a satisfying pleasure to have a family business with family participation like that.”

The Blicks’ Success and Future with the Brand

Maurie reports his biggest success with HomeTeam thus far has been the gratification of a successful business.

“This particular business plan in this particular market has been able to be very successful. We’re fairly dominant in the market that we serve, and I think the success that we experience lies in the fact that we have such an extraordinary advantage with our franchise system,” he explained. “When I look at my competition here, I see people that have engineering degrees. I have a competitor that has experience in municipal building construction. These are people that are highly qualified to do what we do, and I see myself experiencing success in the home inspection business. In my case, that can be attributed to the extraordinary benefits I have received through the franchise model.”

Looking forward, Maurie says the future looks good.

“I’ve created a very successful business. It continues to generate a very nice income for me,” he said. “I see that I could transition out of the business at any time now. I’ve established a really secure retirement situation for myself, and I’ve created a really excellent vehicle for my son to follow. The future looks bright.”

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