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Integrity Franchise Group is a distinguished franchise consultant firm spearheaded by the expertise and passion of Lisa Welko, CFE. Based in Wisconsin, the firm prides itself on guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the complex terrain of franchising with integrity, knowledge, and unwavering support. Today, Integrity Franchise Group stands as a beacon of excellence in franchise consultancy, recognized by the Franchise Brokers Association as a “Top Broker of the Year” multiple times.

In an era where entrepreneurship is more accessible, yet more challenging than ever, the demand for knowledgeable franchise consultancy has skyrocketed. Integrity Franchise Group caters to this need by offering a unique blend of experience, industry insight, and a personalized approach to each client. The firm’s emphasis on education — through initiatives like its free online course on franchise purchasing — positions it as an invaluable partner for novice entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. Now is the opportune moment to explore franchising as a path to business ownership, with Integrity Franchise Group as your trusted advisor.

What distinguishes Integrity Franchise Group in the crowded franchise consultancy space is its founder’s hands-on experience as both a franchisor and a franchisee, coupled with a deep commitment to education and transparency. Welko brings 20+ years of experience in franchising. In the early 2000s, she started her own franchise system, Ellipse Fitness, and operated as a franchisor before eventually selling the concept 15 years later. She is also currently a multi-unit franchise owner of GameDay Men's Health, along with her husband. 

Despite her vast franchising experience, Welko’s true passion lies in consultancy. As a broker, Welko’s approach is tailored to the individual. This ensures that candidates are matched with franchises that align with their goals and that they fully understand the journey they are embarking on. The firm’s process involves a detailed assessment, brand matching, due diligence and ongoing support, culminating in a seamless transition to franchise ownership — all at no cost to the candidate.

This process extends to franchisors as well, with the firm providing insights and evaluations based on real data and performance beyond mere marketing claims. This dual focus ensures that both parties can make informed decisions, leading to successful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Franchise consultancy plays a critical role in the franchising ecosystem by bridging the gap between potential franchisees and franchisors. In today’s dynamic market, having a knowledgeable and ethical consultant can make the difference between success and failure. 

Integrity Franchise Group is looking for entrepreneurs and business owners who value integrity, who are committed to due diligence, and who are ready to take a thoughtful approach to franchise ownership. Whether you are a seasoned business owner looking to diversify your portfolio or someone stepping into entrepreneurship for the first time, Integrity Franchise Group offers the guidance, resources, and support to ensure your success.

Integrity Franchise Group’s commitment to fostering long-term prosperity for its clients positions it as a leader in the field, offering a pathway to business ownership that is informed, strategic, and aligned with each client’s personal and professional goals.

Clients of Integrity Franchise Group rave about the personalized service, expert guidance, and the genuine care that Welko and her team provide. From the initial exploratory call to the grand opening of their franchise, clients feel supported, informed, and confident in their decisions. This level of satisfaction is reflected in the success stories of countless entrepreneurs who, through Integrity Franchise Group, have found their ideal franchise opportunity and achieved their business goals.

David Chang, for example, is an accomplished finance executive with over 30 years of experience who decided to dive into entrepreneurship three years ago. Working with Integrity Franchise Group, Chang found his ideal franchise hit, opening his Enviro-Master Services of San Francisco in 2021. 

"Lisa's organization skills were exceptional — she handled the bulk of the work, preparing everything before our weekly meetings,” said Chang. “Being new to the franchise world, I was impressed by Lisa's patience. She meticulously walked me through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and introduced me to a network of contacts. Essentially, it was a one-stop solution throughout the franchising process.”

Engaging with Integrity Franchise Group involves no fees or costs for the franchisee candidates throughout the consultation process. The firm is compensated by franchisors, ensuring that candidates receive unbiased, comprehensive support free of charge. While specific earning potential can vary widely depending on the franchise opportunity chosen, Integrity Franchise Group's expertise and guidance are aimed at maximizing your chances of success and long-term profitability in the franchising world.

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Top 3 Industries of Interest - If Any?