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How Lightbridge Academy Is Helping First-Time Franchisee Sonia Batra Realize Her Full Potential Both Personally and Professionally

From Lightbridge Academy’s family-oriented structure to its unique Circle of Care philosophy, the brand is providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a one of a kind business ownership opportunity.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 06/22/17

When Sonia Batra immigrated to the U.S. from India about 17 years ago, she wasn’t exactly sure what her future would look like. She knew that she wanted to be a part of something special that would leave a lasting mark both for her and her family. But it wasn’t until she discovered Lightbridge Academy—and its signature Circle of Care philosophy that places equal weight on the needs of children, their parents, families, teachers and communities—that she figured out her true passion for running her own child care business.

“I had been thinking about starting my own business for a while, but I didn’t know what the right opportunity would look like for me. It was ultimately my six-year-old twins who inspired me to pursue a career in child care, which is what eventually led me to Lightbridge Academy,” said Batra. “The more I learned about the Lightbridge Academy brand—especially compared to the competition—the more I realized that this was the best possible option for me. Plus, the brand’s family-friendly business structure allows me to work close to my home in North Brunswick, which means that I can spend more time with my children.”

Batra’s Lightbridge Academy center is expected to officially open up its doors this July in Matawan, New Jersey. Building on the brand’s strong reputation across its home state, Batra’s confident that the new location will bring in a consistent stream of customers. And she says that the local Matawan community is already proving to be a great match for the Lightbridge Academy brand.

“The Matawan area is a perfect location for a Lightbridge Academy center because it boasts an unbeatable mix of residential areas and businesses. That means that residents who commute into New York City for work every day can lean on our child care services while they’re busy at work. We’re also incredibly close to the train station and a bus stop that leads into the city, making our center convenient for busy, working parents,” said Batra. “Our goal is to become an integral part of the Matawan community. Not only are we planning to provide the best child care services in the area, we also want to be involved with local events and organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce.”

The new Lightbridge Academy center opening up in Matawan is one of dozens that the brand currently has in development. Right now, Lightbridge Academy has a total of 26 centers open for business, with that number expected to reach 40 by the end of the year. And in addition to its 13 owned company centers, the brand has sold 89 franchises.

It’s no surprise that Lightbridge Academy is experiencing such rapid growth—child care establishments across the country currently support nearly 1.7 million jobs and generate more than $48 billion in economic output. And because Lightbridge Academy offers its franchisees access to unrivaled competitive advantages—including its ParentView® internet monitoring system—the brand is positioned to be the innovative leader paving the way as demand in the segment continues to climb. Lightbridge Academy also offers its local owners affordable startup costs—initial investments for new franchisees range from $502,750 to $686,250.

“Franchisees like Sonia bring a level of passion to the table that continues to fuel our ongoing growth efforts. That’s why we’re looking forward to continue growing alongside new local owners down the line,” said Brenda Febbo, Lightbridge Academy’s chief marketing officer. “Between our position as an industry leader and grand openings slated in markets like Matawan, we’re confident that 2017 will be a record breaking year for the Lightbridge Academy brand.”

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