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Lightbridge Academy Franchisee Sumit Arora Brings the Circle of Care to Wayne, New Jersey

As a parent himself, Sumit Arora knows the struggle of finding a trusted, educational yet nurturing child care facility for his children—which is why Lightbridge Academy was the perfect franchise for him.

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SPONSORED 1:13PM 01/17/20

The early education and child care franchise Lightbridge Academy continues to expand its reach in its home state of New Jersey. Franchisee Sumit Arora recently opened his first Lightbridge Academy on October 2nd in Wayne, New Jersey and held his Grand Opening on November 16. 

Since Lightbridge Academy was established in 1997 and began franchising in 2011, the company has grown to include over 100 child care centers open, under construction or in development throughout the Northeast—with more than 35 locations in New Jersey. Lightbridge Academy was founded on the Circle of Care philosophy, which places equal importance on the needs of children, their families, teachers, franchisees and the community. In 2019, Lightbridge Academy was recognized on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and landed a spot on the Franchise Times Top 200+.

Arora was born and raised in India and after he finished his undergraduate studies, he decided to move to the U.S. to obtain his MBA in Business Administration at Syracuse University in New York and continue his studies by taking the CPA exam. Since then, Arora has been working on Wall Street in the finance industry for more than 10 years. Some may wonder how the successful businessman working in New York’s Financial District ended up taking a chance with a children’s education franchise—but for Arora, the decision was plain and simple.

“There’s a large need for Lightbridge Academy’s services in Wayne,” said Arora. “I’m a father of two children and when I was looking for a child care center to place them in, I couldn’t find one that checked all the boxes on my list—until I discovered Lightbridge Academy.”

When Arora met with Lightbridge Academy Co-founder Guy Falzarano, Arora appreciated the passion Falzarano had for his unique business concept that not only emphasizes the importance of serving children, but parents as well. From then on, Arora was hooked and couldn’t resist joining the family as a Lightbridge Academy franchisee. 

“Lightbridge Academy’s model and core values are unique because the brand is not only dedicated to giving children a nurturing environment to learn, but we understand the needs of working parents,” said Arora. “That’s what stood out to me the most because I can relate to that more directly as a working parent myself. There aren’t many child care brands that place the importance on the needs of the parents.”

Not only did Arora admire Lightbridge Academy’s core values and mission, but he was attracted to the franchise’s proven model. Arora is a businessman and he knew that creating his own business from the ground up could present challenges—making the franchise route the perfect opportunity.

When Arora initially began looking for markets to serve, Wayne didn’t even cross his mind. But, when Arora further studied the cities that needed a Lightbridge Academy with the brand’s development team, it became clear to him that there was no better market. With Wayne’s high proportion of families, diverse culture and short commute time to midtown Manhattan, Arora became confident that his Lightbridge Academy would thrive there.

“While New Jersey is filled with other child care facilities, nothing compares to Lightbridge Academy’s service,” said Arora. “We are The Solution for Working Parents®, but are also providing a top notch experience for the child. We treat our employees exceptionally well because at the end of the day, they’re the ones providing the services for our families.”

Arora is proud to be serving the Wayne community and is excited about his exceptional team of employees. One of the directors he hired for his location was thrilled when she found out that Lightbridge would be coming to Wayne—so much so that she switched from another Lightbridge Academy to Arora’s so that she would have a shorter commute.

“One of the teachers I hired was commuting over an hour to work for another Lightbridge Academy location and when she discovered that I was opening one in Wayne, she switched to my location to cut down on her commute,” said Arora. “I’m so happy I can provide jobs to those passionate about the brand, serving the community and teaching children.”

While Arora’s main priority currently is his first Lightbridge Academy location, he’s hopeful to open more down the line and play a key role in further expanding the franchise. 

“I’m excited to become more involved with the Wayne community and give working parents an option they can trust when it comes to placing their kids in child care,” said Arora. 

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