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Lightbridge Academy’s Unique ParentView® Internet Monitoring System Gives Parents the Peace of Mind They Need

As Innovators in Educational Child Care®, Lightbridge Academy has implemented many different programs and services to support the entire family.

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSORED 5:17PM 11/10/16

With three children of their own, Guy Falzarano and his wife, Julia, were well acquainted with the stress that comes with dropping them off at a child care center every day. The Falzaranos realized how difficult it was for parents to be apart from their children, and not knowing how they were doing during the day created unnecessary anxiety. They also realized that if they were going through this experience, hundreds of other parents were, too. It seemed as though the child care industry only cared for the needs of the child, but the needs of working parents were often forgotten.

Looking for a way to support children and their parents, Guy Falzarano founded Lightbridge Academy in 1997. Seeing so many parents stressed out or feeling guilty about leaving their children behind while they went to work, Falzarano and his team decided that there was an untapped opportunity.

As Innovators in Educational Child Care®, Lightbridge Academy has implemented many different programs and services to support the entire family. One of those services is the ParentView® Internet Monitoring System. Every classroom, as well as the multi-purpose room and outdoor learning environment, is equipped with two cameras enabling parents to check in on their child’s progress by logging in to watch a live stream of their children. With parents’ permission, Grandma can also enjoy a virtual visit! 

Lightbridge Academy also offers a parent eCommunication app that provides parents with real time communication. Teachers use the app to send updates on developmental milestones their child has achieved along with pictures, videos and important classroom reminders. These technologies help to bridge the gap and strengthen the communication between home and school.

Kim Cintron made the decision to bring her children to Lightbridge Academy because of its unique ParentView® system—a technology that no other child care center provided in her community.  Lightbridge Academy was more advanced with all of technology that it offered compared to the other day care centers in the area.

“My husband and I are on the road a lot for work. We loved the option to be able to view our sons when we drop them off for the day.  Not only are we able to see what they are engaging in but also their grandparents can see them as well.   It also helps when one of us are away on a   business trip, or having that moment during the day that we want to see them. With ParentView®, I can log in to see what my boys are up to—even when I’m miles away.  It’s so comforting just to see that they are having a great time, playing, learning, eating and even napping —the teachers are caring, attentive and compassionate,” Knowing that you have to work and want to make sure you are doing the right thing, you can always log in to see that your children are in the best hands.” Cintron said. “There are times when I’m away from home for few days at a time. My coworkers are talking to their nannies or husbands asking what their kids are doing. When I am missing my boys, I can just log in and see them napping peacefully, playing with their friends or participating in different learning activities. No other child care center compares to what Lightbridge Academy provides to a working parent.”

Cintron added that ParentView® helps her to better connect with her children when she’s not with them.

“When they come home, I can tell them how proud I am of something that I saw them doing that day. Seeing their faces light up is priceless,” Cintron said. “I love knowing that I can always log in to see the little moments in their day. It brings me comfort during a normally stressful time.”

That comfort level extends to Cintron’s children, too. If her one of her sons is having a rough day, for example, she can simply tell them to look up and they know that she’s watching them. And for these reasons and more, Cintron said that she’s happy with her decision every single day that she enrolled her boys in Lightbridge Academy.

“They know we’re always looking. If they are ever sad, I just tell them to wave. I’m right there watching. And it lets them know that we’re always thinking of them. ParentView® keeps us connected, even when we’re apart and it’s something that’s valuable for both my husband and I, and our kids,” Cintron said.


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