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The Preschool Podcast: Providing High-Quality Child Care For Parents and Children

Lightbridge Academy’s CEO shares tips on providing high-quality child care and encouraging families to stay with the facility long-term.

Lightbridge Academy, an early childhood education center franchise brand, believes its facilities should be a home away from home for children. Gigi Schweikert, CEO of Lightbridge Academy, says the brand makes every decision according to its core values — happiness, integrity and excellence. Those core values are what keep families with the brand long-term.

Schweikert, a mother herself, knows how difficult it is to trust others with your children. Lightbridge Academy offers top-notch features to assure parents their children are in great hands, including open-door virtual policies for parents through webcams and facial recognition software to gain entrance into the center.

Schweikert says the centers are accommodating to both parents and children. The center does not use bright colors because it is more calming and similar to a home environment.

“It is important for children to be in a space where they feel comfortable to initiate play and explore their learning environment with curiosity,” said Schweikert.

The goal is to create transparency and security for families to build trust and keep them coming back.

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