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Growing STEAM Education Franchise IDEA Lab Kids Finds Success with Female Executives

Through its leadership, IDEA Lab Kids continues to inspire children and adults alike, proving that with passion, innovation and a supportive community, the possibilities are limitless.

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In the increasingly important field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education, one franchise has been making headlines not just for its innovative approach to learning, but also for its empowerment of women in leadership and business ownership roles. IDEA Lab Kids, under the umbrella of Lyricos® Learning, LLC, is spearheaded by a dynamic team of female executives and boasts a franchise network of over 50% women entrepreneurs. 

Here are the stories of three leaders who have been instrumental in driving the company's growth, supporting fellow women entrepreneurs and ensuring that the next generation has access to high-quality education in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

The Visionary Leadership of Devina Bhojwani

At the helm of IDEA Lab Kids is President Devina Bhojwani, who brings a voracious appetite for learning and intellectual pursuit to the STEAM-focused children’s education franchise.

Before her involvement with IDEA Lab Kids, Bhojwani was a franchise owner of Gymboree Play & Music. During that time, she found professional success by helping her Gymboree centers become some of the top-performing locations in the nation, managing a team of 55 teachers across all four locations.


Her journey with IDEA Lab Kids began after her daughter's participation in one of their summer camps sparked her interest in the franchise's innovative educational model. 


"In many ways, my life journey has been defined by my involvement with education," Bhojwani said, highlighting her transition from a franchise owner to an influential figure in STEAM education. Bhojwani first joined the IDEA Lab Kids team as an investor and board member in September 2017. In December of 2019, she was elected to the president role. 


Today, as the President of Lyricos Learning, she focuses on international expansion and enhancing learning solutions for young innovators, with a particular emphasis on providing equitable access to STEAM education.

“As a multi-unit franchisee for almost a decade, I developed a level of experience that has been helpful in this position as president,” Bhojwani said. “When I talk with IDEA Lab Kids franchise owners, especially women, I am able to understand and empathize with their perspective. We all want to provide more equity and access to schools and districts as a one-stop-shop for STEAM classes.”

Jennifer Bertram's Passion for STEAM Education

Jennifer Bertram is a recent addition to the Lyricos Learning team. As the newly-appointed STEAM Success Manager, she brings an extensive background in education. With 17 years of experience at Hawthorne School District, Bertram has dedicated her career to developing STEM and STEAM programs from the ground up. 

"I spent over a decade teaching at the elementary level, working on-site to build STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs from scratch,” said Bertram. “I was pulling resources from everywhere, which became my passion, along with forging partnerships with local organizations to expose children to the opportunities within these fields and bring real-life applications to them. I then advanced to a coaching role, overseeing STEAM and STEM in grades K-8. My greatest focus and passion have been in developing those programs and ensuring their success. Now, I can extend this passion across multiple districts, helping them expand and customize these programs to meet the specific needs of each school."

Today, Bertram’s commitment to ensuring all children have access to STEAM education is palpable. She has already helped facilitate the onboarding of large school districts onto the brand's proprietary EdTech platform STEAM on Demand®.

“One thing I’ve always been particularly passionate about is supporting girls in STEM,” said Bertram. “The earlier we can get kids involved in STEAM, the better chance we have of maintaining their interest and enthusiasm for future STEAM career prospects. Simultaneously, this effort works towards closing the gender and equity gaps that currently exist in these fields.”

Andrea Coan's Support for Franchise Success

Andrea Coan, the Director of Client Success and Marketing for Lyricos Learning, is another female executive on the team who leverages her experience as a former franchise owner to support the brand’s franchise network. Prior to joining Lyricos Learning, Coan started her career as a marketing professional, spending over a decade in corporate America. Eventually, she dove into business ownership and became a franchisee herself, expanding her portfolio of early childhood education centers in the Boston market for 25 years.  

“When I joined IDEA Lab Kids, I felt I could be a strong asset because I’ve truly walked a mile in the franchisees’ shoes,” Coan said. “I know what it takes to be a franchisee and I can bring them in on the business development side, while also supporting them on the growth side. I am not the one sitting at the desk welcoming families anymore, like I was with my previous franchise, but I now get to support the growth of the whole system, so that is very exciting.”

Similarly, Coan brings a dedication to the franchise model and its potential to empower women entrepreneurs. "It is also very fulfilling to be able to help fellow women entrepreneurs achieve success through franchising like I did," she said. “IDEA Lab Kids is very unique in that nearly half of our franchise network is made up of women, and that is a great environment to be in.”

The IDEA Lab Kids Model

IDEA Lab Kids has distinguished itself in the STEAM education space with its comprehensive offerings, including after-school classes, camps and birthday parties. 

Looking ahead, IDEA Lab Kids is excited to continue growing with both new and existing franchisees. For passionate entrepreneurs hoping to come aboard, IDEA Lab Kids offers top-notch support through training, site selection, cutting-edge STEAM content and ongoing operational needs led by an expert team of education-minded professionals.


The success of IDEA Lab Kids, under the stewardship of its female executives, reflects a broader trend toward inclusivity and diversity in leadership within the education sector. Their stories are not just about individual achievement but also about creating opportunities for the next generation to explore and excel in STEAM fields.

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