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IDEA Lab Kids Is Looking To Austin, San Antonio and Dallas in Its Plan To Expand Throughout Texas

With eight locations currently open in the state, IDEA Lab Kids has its sights set on these three major Texas cities for franchise development as the opportunities for growth continue to abound.

By Amy Tatnall1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 1:01AM 03/25/21

With strong roots already established in its hometown of Houston, IDEA Lab Kids, an education-based franchise with an emphasis on a cutting-edge STEAM curriculum, is looking to expand its footprint throughout Austin, San Antonio and Dallas over the course of the new year. 

With 25 locations already operating throughout North America and more than 95 in development, the brand has sited Texas as the spot poised to keep up that growth momentum.

In a year when many students are struggling to keep up with the challenges brought on by virtual learning, parents are looking to supplemental education providers and tutoring opportunities for additional support — meaning IDEA Lab Kids and its stimulating, hands-on programs are in high demand.

“As children’s report cards are coming in, it seems many of them are seeing their grades fall as a result of virtual learning and the challenges that come with it,” said IDEA Lab Kids President and Co-Owner, Devina Bhojwani. “There is more talk within local communities about tutoring and the ways that families can support their children to ensure that they don’t lose out on essential pieces of their schooling because of the back and forth between virtual and in-person learning. That’s where IDEA Lab Kids can step in and help.” 

While the current need for educational support is undeniable within these Texas communities, the Lonestar State also offers ample opportunities for businesses. Over the past few years, Forbes has touted Dallas, Austin and San Antonio as prime locations for new business development, due in large part to the favorable cost of business data in addition to high education and job growth rates. 

“Overall, the after-school education market in Texas is growing and with eight thriving locations already, IDEA Lab Kids is primed and ready for continued expansion,” said Bhojwani. “Our goal is to open at least 10 new locations within these three territories over the course of 2021 and, so far, those goals seem attainable.” 

One local franchisee, Adam Gockley, has been a longtime advocate for supplemental educational programming in Texas communities and has made a lasting mark within his area. Gockley joined IDEA Lab Kids before it was a franchise, signing on as the company’s first owner in 2017 and opening a location in Austin. Coming from a strong background working at children’s summer camps, he was intrigued by the opportunity that STEAM programming provided and wanted to help develop a fun and unique curriculum to better support these subjects. 

As more families grapple with the struggle of balancing at-home schooling with remote work, the expansion of IDEA Lab Kids has proved to be an invaluable service that provides necessary educational support to children without additional strain on the parents. 

Through his involvement with IDEA Lab Kids, Gockley has been amazed by the progress that he has witnessed in his students, particularly in subjects that he would have previously deemed to be challenging and less interesting for students. 

“It’s incredible to see the kids enjoying topics that I always disliked when I was in school,” said Gockley. “Our curriculum really allows students to have those ‘ah-ha!’ moments and you can see them finally grasp concepts in real time that they have been struggling with. We are able to sneak math into our programming all the time by creating lessons that are fun and engaging and it really resonates with students. That’s the beauty of STEAM — it’s constantly going to be evolving into new things, and thanks to the strong team of curriculum writers at IDEA Lab Kids, we are able to offer a fresh curriculum that changes to reflect these new concepts.” 

In addition to its current programs, IDEA Lab Kids recently launched a brand new coding and programming curricula, geared towards kids who are interested in an in-depth look at coding. Kids have the opportunity to grow into the program, working their way through various levels of coding challenges in a one-on-one self-paced session. This new capability is another way that IDEA Lab Kids is striving to provide children of all ages with helpful skills for the future.

As IDEA Lab Kids continues to infiltrate new markets, providing support to local franchisees is at the forefront of attention for the organization. 

“Ultimately, our end goal is to ensure that the customers have a great experience at our IDEA Lab Kids centers,” said Bhojwani. “And their happiness depends largely on our franchisees.” 

The startup costs for an IDEA Lab Kids franchise range from $98,100 to $271,000. The franchise fee is $35,500. To learn more about franchising with IDEA Lab Kids, visit