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IDEA Lab Kids To Celebrate 10 Years of Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders and Innovators Through STEAM

The education brand will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on November 6th.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 11/02/21

IDEA Lab Kids, a leader in childhood STEAM education, is celebrating 10 years as a business on Saturday, November 6th. The brand has established itself across North America in its first decade of instruction, developing awareness and insights for the modern priorities of childhood education.

To celebrate, participating IDEA Lab Kids locations will open doors for a free event for both children and adults. Additionally, there will be a 48-hour special anniversary promotion where IDEA Lab Cards will be available for 50% off starting on November 6th. Restrictions apply but interested parties can contact their local IDEA Lab Kids for details. 

“We are so excited for this celebration of not only our brand but also national awareness for our services and the benefits of STEAM education,” said Devina Bhojwani, the co-owner and president of IDEA Lab Kids. “Through a bunch of challenges, including a global pandemic and an ever-changing educational landscape, our brand has a team standing behind our education to make sure kids, parents and teachers can continue to push the limits of STEAM education.”

With extremely coincidental timing, National STEAM Day, celebrated on November 8th, was acknowledged as a means to promote the importance of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematical skills as a comprehensive package for high-quality learning. “There are a lot of components that go into STEAM education, and as we continue to develop our practices and instruction, we’re finding that more and more people are interested in the service we provide,” Bhojwani added. “Having our anniversary coincide with National STEAM Day is something that makes us proud. We are passionate about the intersection of the arts with STEM principles, and the possibility of disrupting traditional educational styles.”

The state of STEAM education is far from where it was when IDEA Lab Kids first began taking students — and in many educational fields, it was even missing a letter.

“When the brand first started 10 years ago, STEM was the buzziest of buzzwords,” said Adam Gockley, a full-time owner at IDEA Lab Kids in Austin, Texas. “Now, STEM education is progressing to where many people know what it is.”

It’s not just science. Arts have been added into the IDEA Lab Kids’ ‘STEAM’ model geared to provide a comprehensive approach for childhood education. It is just one of the many ways that the brand has continued to elevate and update its formulas for educating bright minds through 10 years of service.

This resiliency was tested during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was an insistence to adapt to new provisions that kept the brand affluent, said Karen Wong, an IDEA Lab Kids campus director in Richmond Hill, Ontario. “Many kids thrive through group activities, collaboration and speaking when they are able. I believe our COVID-19 curriculum provisions didn’t take away too much from those forms of learning,” she said.

More recently, IDEA Lab Kids has further developed its educational models by incorporating programs that allow easy access to remote instruction. “Getting to work with new digital platforms is a huge plus for us,” said Nishita Jariwala, the founder of an IDEA Lab Kids location in Richmond, Texas. “It gives us the tools for even our youngest students to think deeply about experiments from any location.” 

“We’ve been adaptive, we’ve been integrative and we’ve been on top of making sure our students have everything they need to be successful,” Bhojwani said. “As we celebrate 10 years of a sustainable model, we’re even more excited to see what the next 10 holds.”

The startup costs for an IDEA Lab Kids franchise range from $98,100 to $271,000. The franchise fee is $35,500. To learn more about franchising with IDEA Lab Kids, visit