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STEAM On Demand EdTech Platform Empowers K-6 After-School Teachers and In-School Paraprofessionals

STEAM on Demand turnkey platform expands education opportunities as more paraprofessionals are needed due to a shortage of teachers and time needed to teach hands-on STEAM activities.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 10/21/21

The STEAM On Demand EdTech Platform was designed to address the increasing need for qualified instructors to teach hands-on STEAM activities in a meaningful way. The platform arms after-school staff and in-school paraprofessionals with interactive concept-driven videos that can be used by anyone and enjoyed by students K-6.

The new virtual learning service acts as an expert companion for K-6 education enrichment courses, featuring content to be used for both individual and group instruction. The service has been developed for both private and public schools, homeschooling and after-school programs, designed for use without any specialized teaching experience needed from an instructor.

Mabast Ahmad, technology applications engineer for STEAM On Demand, explains what the platform embodies. “It fuses together 21st century technology with traditional curriculum,” he said. “It’s helpful for instructors who are not experts across the STEM plus Arts fields, and it has that familiar look and feel of streaming services, making it intuitive and easy to use.”

The platform can be accessed virtually on all devices, including iPads, mobile phones, computers and televisions.

"The platform makes it easier for teachers, paraprofessionals or after-school staff, to teach all STEAM subjects,” said Liza Huffman, a teacher for the Friday U program at Oak Grove Homeschool Cooperative. “It's also a great jumping-off point for teachers who are not as familiar with STEAM by giving them discussion questions so they can not only engage with their students but also expand their knowledge. Teachers can try out the experiments and familiarize themselves with the concepts in minutes with the videos before class and customize the lesson to fit the needs of their students."

In September, the STEAM On Demand platform was named one of the Top 20 Innovations in Houston and first runner at the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 and Innovation Awards Event of 2021 standing out from among hundreds of applicants.

“We’re so honored by the Houston Business Journal’s recognition,” said Devina Bhojwani, the president and investor in Lyricos Learning. “My co-founder, Cynthia Tusan, conceived this program as a way to help train teachers and paraprofessionals to execute STEAM curriculum, and it was an instant success.”

The program is further engineered to align with teaching standards across the country as well as support Cultural Proficiency, Universal Design and Accelerated Learning. The platform also supports a pivot to online, synchronous teaching when needed. 

"The biggest benefit of the platform is its flexibility,” said Huffman. “Teachers can use it when they need to use it. They can also customize their lessons based on the needs of their students. It also enables people with no background in STEAM to teach STEAM-related topics. With most of the research already done, it saves the teacher time in planning lengthy or hard-to-understand experiments that may or may not work"

The award-winning STEAM On Demand program is geared to maximize current technology and rapidly expand access for all students to the benefits of project-based learning with an easy-to-use interface for both students and teachers.


STEAM on Demand is a technology infused interactive video platform with STEAM (STEM plus Arts), project based lessons. The platform offers project based learning (PBL) by bringing together technology and traditional curriculum with hybrid learning tools. STEAM on Demand helps teachers, paraprofessionals and after school staff more easily conduct fun lessons using rich STEAM content that is aligned with learning standards. 

STEAM on Demand’s purpose is to provide all children (K-6 and beyond), wherever they are, equal access to learning science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) as they evolve, discover, and pursue their passions.