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Nick Powills: Being Intentional Versus Being Sustainable

Intentional changes are key, but sustainability is hard.

There have been many times that I have started off a sentence by saying, “My intentions were good.” Usually, this is in response to a change within our company.

Change is something I have never been afraid of. In this pursuit of both happiness and my best, I am willing to adjust and try something new—until I feel good about the mix. This can be troublesome for those who aren’t as flexible with change.

Take for instance, my personal office. 

If you looked at images of my working space over the last five years, you would find that my desk has been moved five times; my couch has not only been moved five times but has been moved in and out; and that the amount of paper that I would allow out has changed, too.

They call this feng shui?

I am intentional about making a change. It is usually triggered by an event that felt frustrating or uncomfortable. You know, that feeling that you just need a change. And then, I move, I clean, I take a deep breath and I try again. 

This is intentional.

But there is a challenge with this intentional move when it has changed five times in five years—it isn’t sustainable.

Sustainable is the key in any change. 

Intentionality is easy. Sustainability is hard.

I believe it is hard in all walks of life. This is probably where the phrase “one day at a time” comes from.

But if you can position sustainability alongside intentionality, you will find some baby steps to making something as efficient and sound as possible. Personally, I would rather have flexibility in change versus a lack thereof. I don’t want to get Blockbustered in my life, my career or my business.

Perhaps, this is where innovation comes from.

The point is that, as I think about what changes need to be made as we enter the middle point of the final quarter of the year, I want to simply question around whether the change can be sustainable or not. 

Including the position of my desk.