REGYMEN Fitness Info

What Sets REGYMEN Fitness Apart?

Fitness Industry Disruption

REGYMEN Fitness is a franchise crafted from progressive thinking. The model is disrupting the industry routine with cutting-edge healthy technology and member-centric, innovative exercise programs that deliver incredible results.

Programs are fun for members, encouraging loyalty and engagement through social workouts. Gamification, camaraderie and friendly competition keep members coming back.

For franchisees, REGYMEN Fitness provides a unique opportunity to join the billion-dollar health and fitness industry while leveraging the power of an unbeatable brand.

Easy to Scale, Easy to Manage

REGYMEN Fitness was designed to allow manageable growth and expansion for its franchises while also needing minimal staff to run daily operations.

Proven Systems and Dynamite Support

The corporate team is there to help guide and empower franchisees through a turnkey process. From the gym design to the grand opening, REGYMEN Fitness gives its franchisees a model to follow that is based on proven systems.

A Studio Model Like No Other

REGYMEN Fitness has a uniquely versatile model that ranges from 2,400 to 3,600 square feet, and each Signature studio features 12 to 14 stations where members experience an electric workout atmosphere complete with theatrical lighting, concert thumping sound, and big screens that guide members through the exercises.